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nulla dies sine linea

Welcome to you all 

If you are new to TOGA then we extend a particularly warm welcome.  We hope you enjoy reading this year’s issue and continue to subscribe to this outstanding Old Students’ Association. Please pass the word on to colleagues that The Association, with members such as George Spencer and Mary Collins started at the school in 1924, is still going strong with approximately 500 members!

New members are always welcome and are always needed to keep the Association alive. Former pupils from the 1960’s and 1970’s are particularly encouraged to join as some of you are the Committee members of the future, through whom TOGA will live on.  If your children went to TGS in 60’s or 70’s, and they are not yet members, or even aware of TOGA, please try and get to join. We are delighted to have old and new advertisers on board this year.  These are from businesses owned by or closely involved with Old Grammarians.

WITHOUT NEWS there would be no Newsletter. My grateful thanks to everyone who has kept my email and my postman employed with  all the news.  I accumulate news all the year round, the Newsletter starts production in April and takes till July to be typed, edited, proofread several times, printed, collated, then labelled, stamped and despatched by the Committee to over 450 paid up members.

Message from the Editor

  I do hope that you enjoy reading this year’s issue of TOGA NEWS.  There seemed to be more news than ever, which, after 80 years of TOGA, can only be good news for the Association.   The advent of Friends Reunited website and the use of email has meant that news has come from all over the world, from Antigua, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Greece, Scotland, USA, Canada, Jerusalem.

I can’t believe that I have sat in a darkened room ‘phoning you, emailing you, badgering you for adverts, typing about you,  editing and proofreading this  for a whole week of  the most glorious heatwave, after the gloom of July, but I have!  Just as happened  last year, I have had the regular interruptions of Coco, our now fully grown Burmese.  She now has perfected a rat (mouse?) run up across my keyboard, round the monitor, on to my lap, scattering the carefully sorted the TOGA papers on my desk as she leapt out through the window!  After last year’s issue went out I had several letters from those of you who also are owned by Burmese cats (you don’t own a Burmese, they own YOU), which was fun as we compared their antics.

We welcome old and new advertisers this year and hope that they may be of assistance to some of  you.  Thank you all for responding so willingly.

The photos which appeared for the first time last year seem to have been a great success. Many of you wrote suggesting names and details of the events shown. Thank you all. As a result I have been inundated with photos for this edition and have tried to include at least one for each decade except the 20’s and 30’s. Maybe next year?  It has been suggested that magnifying glasses are supplied free, so we have tried to make the photos just a little larger this year.

We considerably reduced the cost of producing the NEWS last year, by inviting advertisers, all of whom have links with the old school, and by using Old Mill Printers, a professional printing firm in Exeter who charge us much less than the big photocopying outlets we used in the past.   Consequently, although content and  postage have increased, we have still maintained the cost of your membership at £3  for 2004 and 2005.

Many thanks to Mo Hutchings for typing the first draft which encourages me to get on with it;  to Kate Force and Nigel Power for proofreading and to my husband for going without food or stimulating company!. If you were one who kindly sent articles and Funnies, thank you too. We couldn’t use them all, so have chosen a selection.  We could actually publish a TOGA Joke BOOK with what you send in.  Maybe when I retire…..?

Keep the news coming, especially for former staff and the 1970’s.   Now to check the labels and buy the stamps.. .. get the Committee in to stuff them in envelopes….then I’m OFF for a swim.  Editor