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Staff news

Dr Peter THOMPSON (Headteacher/French from 61-78) Our much loved President of TOGA, astonished us by telling us that he had just celebrated, with a family party, his 90th birthday!! We are always delighted to see Peter and Mrs Jean Thompson come to every reunion. Peter remains very interested in all his former students and even those he did not teach, still come under his scrutiny once he knows that they went to “his school, TGS”. Once he has all their details, he comes on the phone to me or sends me one of his special letters, politely urging me to “get in touch with So-and-so please, would you mind?” Many congratulations Dr T, and we hope to see you both, in good health, at all our reunions.(Ed) Old Orchard, Butts Lane, Ideford, Nr Newton Abbot, TQ13 0BD, Tel; 01626 852421

Joan ANTCLIFF former Head of RE (1976-82) – has published a book, ‘Living in the Spirit’, which tells of years spent in Malawi and Mozambique from 1951 to 1976 where she followed a vocation as a missionary, training teachers. She took three years to write the book from material collected from her letters home to her mother in Brixham. The book is available from Quayside bookshop and all proceeds go to causes for Africa. She lives in Shaldon. Many congratulations Joan for yet another book!

Betty LADMORE Maths Staff (1965-80) Flat 5, Kilverstone Court, St Margaret’s Road, Torquay, TQ1 4NW. Enjoys reading the Newsletter which she finds full of information and fun to read. She found it good to hear of members of staff and Dr Thompson. She remembers Joan Antcliff and knows of the wonderful work she has done. She is purchasing a copy of her book. She says thank you for all your efforts in compiling such a wonderful Newsletter. It was full of information and fun to read. She sends good wishes to Kate FORCE.

Margaret BEHENNA (1975-88) Windjammer, Holcombe Road, Teignmouth, TQ14 8UP.

Mrs Berry MOFFITT is in Holcombe. Someone has asked after Vayla, please could you send us news of you and Vayla?

Mr Roger FORD also in Holcombe. Sent me news of other staff, but none for himself, so hope he’s OK.

Cyril CHANNON (Staff 58-64)  Flat 3 The Lendrick, 4 South View, Teignmouth. 01626 772054

Mr Ken BURFORD (Staff Woodwork etc 49-56) lives at High Bickington, Umberleigh.

Dr Philip WEAVER Music. Teaching at the Girls’ School of King Edward School, Bath, the last we heard. The Head is Caroline THOMPSON (daughter of PET). Headteacher at King Edward School, Bath

Mrs Kate FORCE (McLEES Pupil 48-53, PE Staff 70-81) In spite of a badly broken arm, earlier this year, Kate’s Locum Medical Secretariat (called Kate Force Team) continues apace. The demand for locum secretarial help shows no sign of letting up, both in the NHS and in the private sector.

Mary THOMAS (nee POWER) works with her in this team. Kate and husband Arthur, have 8 grandchildren between them.

Mr Musk FROST (from 1970’s and still there!) Musk is invaluable in helping me obtain news from present and former staff and sent the report on the new Library/Resources Centre at the school.

Mr Erik PECKETT (PE 65-80) Has a whole new career as a Cartographer. He is away in Denmark at the IOF Orienteering conference. He surveys and draws maps for Orienteers Internationally and for the UK. He and Margaret are well, 6 grandchildren keep them busy. They celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary last year.

Mrs Doris DICKSON Staff 1960’s. Still living in Wadebridge, Cornwall. Can’t get you by tel or email to Clive.

Mr Joe BOLT, and Rosemary both in reasonably good health.

Mr Peter EDWARDS, how are you?

Mr Trefor THYNNE, tried ringing you, how are you?

Mrs Maggie HELMORE still teaching at Torquay Girls Grammar School

Mr Alec HENDERSON is very much better now.

Dr John KELLY is teaching at Trinity School.

Mr Richard JENKING: dropped of the scene, does anyone know where he and Mary went to live?

Mrs Catherine SHAW (nee GRIFFITHS) Would really like to hear from you.

Mrs Barbara MERRICK, can’t seem to get her by telephone.

Mr Nigel JUDD , is still fishing, gardening and walking with wife, Jackie.

Mr Brian DAVIDSON: we would love to hear from you and Dr John KELLY

Mrs Maureen RAUD (French) retired this term from Teignmouth Community College after teaching for 22 years at the various incarnations of the school

Miss Stephanie HOLLAND (Home Economics from 1976 -?. Stephanie remains on the TOGA committee; sings in the choir at Dawlish, plays a lot of golf and still enjoys her birdwatching.