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Staff news

Ken BURFORD (1949-62) – taught Woodwork  For many years we have tried to find Mr Ken BURFORD, our Woodwork Master .  Out of the blue I had a telephone call from him, we talked for ages and he and his charming wife, Elizabeth came to the Spring Lunch where he was met with delight by many, many people.  Ken became a School Inspector and went to Bath in 1962.  He has retired to 1 Highfield Close, High Bickington, UMBERLEIGH, EX37 9DS, so all of you chaps who have asked after him can write or ring him up!.  Tel: 01769 560779.  Welcome to TOGA Ken,  after all these years.  I had rung every Burford in the Directory when our year of 1948 had our own reunion in 1997. Miss STOCKLEY,  Derek COLE, Roy CRESSWELL and Roly DAVIES all attended with Derek as guest of Honour.

Dr Peter THOMPSON continues as your Chairman, attending all reunion events.  He doesn’t seem to change or age at all! He is delighted to hear from former pupils and passes much news on to us for this publication.

Mary MORTIMER  Dr  Thompson sent me this letter from 1968, because he felt its message from most Old Grammarians and staff was as true today as in 1968.  Mary Mortimer was the wife of the Bishop of Exeter.  She taught at TGS.

Dear Dr Thompson,
Thank you very much for the calendar and your kind words.   I am so glad that Mrs BEHENNA is doing nicely (I wonder very much whether Pat WARE passed her O Level, and how she is getting on).  I have been meaning for too long to thank you for my wonderful lease of life at TGS.  I realise more and more what wonderful chances you gave me – including the ones I grumbled about at the time, namely trying to sell the Ancient World to non-specialists.  The Science Sixths (RE) I think, did appreciate at the time.  They were wonderful company to be in.  I can’t look back on the obstreperous Form II without sentimental spectacles, and even Form IV was certainly “A Great Experience”!!  St Mark with the good little Third Form Girls was a wonderful contract (yes I can’t help overworking the epithet!)  Looking back I see the whole thing as a miraculous diversion).

Then I can count up to quite ten absolutely first-rate people it truly was an honour and joy to be colleagued with.  I can’t believe there are many schools with so much human kindness and interested care for the work and the children, “Lumen ad revelationem gentium” (Long may it shine).  Thank you very much: and everyone else who was kind to me.

Yours ever
Mary MORTIMER  3.2.1968

Were you a teaching colleague of Mary’s or an “obstreperous Form II pupil?  or one of the”good little Third Form Girls?  Where is Pat Ware?  Do you remember Mary?

Roly DAVIS (1945-75) – is in Palm Court Nursing Home, 7 Marine Parade, Dawlish. 01626 866142 .  Roly loves receiving letters and visits from old students.  His mobility is extremely limited but his wits are as sharp as ever.  John Morris, now you can write.

Marjorie DAVIS, Roly’s wife  - The White House, Woodway Road, Teignmouth.

Miss Betty LADMORE: (66-79)  Writes to tell us of a move from her family home where she had lived since 1940, to her new address; Flat 5, Kilverstone Court, St Margaret’s Road, TORQUAY, TQ1 4NW.  She thanks us for the TOGA NEWS and says she reads it all with great interest and realises what a lot of hard work goes into its production.  Sends her best wishes to Kate FORCE (nee McLEES) next time I saw her (like nearly every day, Betty) as she remembers Kate fondly from when they taught together at TGS.

KATE FORCE (nee McLEES, formerly WILKINSON) (48-53  @TGS and 70-81 Teaching PE @TGS) continues apace with her Locum Medical Secretariat.  Whether she wants to retire or not, the demand for her specialist locum cover for medical secretaries show no signs of diminishing.

Mr Roy and Mrs Joan CRESSWELL are not terribly well at present and we wish them better health soon.

I have not been able to speak to Musk Frost, so have not got too much Staff News, I’m afraid.   Musk – I lost your email! SOS!