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Through the decades

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Dr Judy HARRISON (72-80) Judy came back to a lunch reunion and we were delighted to see her, but she would love
to have met some of her old classmates. Let me know next time, Judy, and we will let some of them know. Please let me have your new email and any change of address.

ANDORRA (Andie) GLANVILL (nee REPTON 79-83). Heron House, College Way, Dartmouth, TQ6 9SJ. Tel: 01803 835422. I am still in Dartmouth, Still happily married, still Mum to two wonderful girls, all well and counting our blessings. This April I left the bank I’d been working for, for 19 years, and started doing the PR and marketing for a local company. (I love every minute). NB: Also next July 2007 “The last of the Grammarians” will be having their reunion “Now We Are 40” I am very keen to catch up with anyone from J E or M who were in their 1st year in 1979 (or joined in subsequent years into that year) Please contact me on andora-haydn at I’m looking forward to hearing from as many “old” pupils and dearly beloved teachers to make it a bit of a do to say the least. And if anyone can help me organize and trace some “far flung” old boys and girls, I would appreciate it! Dearly beloved Staff or students, please email or send me your addresses, so that I can tell you all about it nearer the time

Elizabeth FRANCIS (nee AYRES 1971-78) is now a Police Community Support Officer covering Teignmouth and Dawlish. Her daughter is at Teignmouth Community College. 38 Gilbert Avenue, Teignmouth. 01626.

Dave FRANCIS works as a surveyor in Exeter.

Annette WILLIAMS (nee NEWTON) (1971-75) has moved to 3 Clifford Close, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, TQ12 3HE. 01626 331770.  annette.williams4 at

Sue POLLARD (nee BURGESS) (1973-79) 5 Kiln Road, Bovey Tracey, TQ13 9YJ. 01626 834106. Any news of Paul

Paul and Jenny (nee CONNELLY) nee TIBBS (1978-1985) have moved back to Devon from Oxford, but have yet to find a permanent address.

HERSCHLAG, Lesley (nee CONNELLY 76-82) Lesley is still teaching special needs children in Maine, and has this week returned from a trip to Israel.

Andrew ALBAN (1972-79) has taught Design and Technology at Harrow School since 1982.

Daryl HUME (1973-79) new address: daryl at

Paul STARLING (1972-79) Thales Optronics, Vicon House, Western Way, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, IP33 3SP. Has fond memories of TGS (something he didn’t think he would say at the time) but has not kept in contact with anybody from those days. This is partly because he literally walked out of the school gates after his last A Level, got in a car and left for Essex, but mostly because he was, and still is, terrible at keeping in contact. He has had one or two “isn’t the world a small place” incidents and brief flirtation with friends reunited, but no more than that. He has been back several times over the years as a lot of his family still live in and around Teignmouth, but has never met up with anybody from school. He was interested to see some of the people he knew on the website and would be interested to know more.  paul.starling at

Bart KELLY (71-77) and wife Sue, are still living at Highford Farm, Higher Clovelly where they have their donkey farm. Sadly, not a great deal to report this year, as yet. We are awaiting a decision on our planning permission for stables and a covered yard; until we hear, everything is as it was. Lots of Donkeys, couple of Mules, couple of Dogs, lots of work and not enough time!! Love to see any Old Grammarians who venture up this way.Hopefully, will be setting lots of plans into motion in time for next years Newsletter!. Have a look at their website, A great day out for children and grandchildren. Bart and Sue would love to see old friends and make new ones. You can adopt-a- Donkey for £15. bart at

Samantha BAKER nee WALL (79-85) has moved to 49 Carlton Road, Ellacombe TORQUAY.  sjbjgr at  Sam says she was divorced in 2002 and moved to Torquay in 2004. In April 2005 she went into business with her new partner at Silverhill Motors, Decoy Ind. Estate, doing car body repairs and yes, I do help with repairs! Now in 2006 have set up a new valeting service and a PA/Lifestyle Management service for busy working people who need help getting things done. I also breed Labrador dogs and have a new puppy which I shall be training to show when she’s old enough. So I’m quite busy! Have not seen or kept in touch with any TOGs lately, but would still like to let people know I’m still around. I would welcome any contact! PS: Any news of reunion of 78-83 chaps when we reach 40?
Andorra GLANVILLE? (Note from Ed. See TOGA NEWS 2003, Sam.)

David HURST (1975) 83 Rue Putit, Paris, 75019.

Alison TEECE (nee DAVIES 73-80) Living in Teddesley, Staffs. My news: I'm now in the 4th year of running my business, 'Wag-tails', looking after all shapes and sizes of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, love birds etc etc for other people as well as our own 2 horses, 3 rabbits and 2 fish and 1 dog. Matthew is a teenager now, 13, and 3.5" inches taller than me. He's still doing well in the school rugby team at his 1350 pupil secondary school and is now following in his uncle's and mother's footsteps throwing the discus - he doesn't believe that I used to throw it 30m though! Molly is now 11 and starts at this school in September. I've been coaching netball at her primary school for the last 4 years and I'm too moving up to their secondary school to help with the netball training of Years 7,8 & 9, many of whom originated from their tiny primary school, total 73 pupils, -in fact 4 of this year's Year 7 'A' team came from our last year's Y6 team. That's quite an achievement, I think, for such a small school. And I'm confident that Molly will be in next year's team. We'll see..........Mobile: 07808 640 512

Dr Mark DAVIES (73-80) I left the NHS because it is a shambolic organisation which has lost its way. I set up the London Foot & Ankle Centre three years ago. It has two branches and six surgeons. We treat any foot and/or ankle disorders. I wrote the recent chapter for Gray's Anatomy and still manage to have a life! I have two lovely children (Georgiana aged 11 yrs & Julius aged 6yrs) and life is good! If anyone is interested I also look after Chelsea Football Club for my sins. .(I spotted Mark on television in June as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon asked for his opinion of Wayne Rooney’s metatarsal! Did anyone else recognize him? Ed)

Michele HOLE (nee PURSE (70-76) 2 Prospect Villas Weymouth Road, Evercreech, Somerset, BA4 6JF. holemiche at   I am still living in Evercreech, Somerset. Married with two sons aged 15 and 18 years. Until recently I was the book-keeper for the village Pharmacy (Mum was the Pharmacist) – the business was sold at the end of March after 32 years! Also work as part-time receptionist in village Surgery. I am still in Christmas card touch with Mandy FAUCHON (nee WELCH), Ali BATH (nee WILSON), Alison (Bird) HODGES (nee CAINES), Moira COBBY, (nee
HAMILTON) No sure of Wendy Simpson (nee DIPLOCK) whereabouts. She was in New Zealand but we lost touch.
(Does anyone else know where she is? Ed.)

Nicholas PECKETT (73-80) now moved from Southampton to Tedburn St Mary and has three children.

Clare PARTRIDGE (nee PECKETT 79-85) has moved from Starcross to Kenn. Her twins are now 14 years old.

Karen GOVE (nee BREWER 72-78) 6 Heronscourt, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5SW. Tel: 01276 479861  karengove at  -  I remember the good old days of Miss Simon on her scooter, gown flying, and French nouns that were 'green' or 'orange'(!?), having the bobble ripped off my beret and being thrown in the holly bush in the shrubbery as 1st year inductions! Left TGS in lower 6th to work for Nat West bank in Dawlish and Teignmouth then married Alan Gove from Dawlish and moved to Lightwater in Surrey. Worked on the Nat West training team in Guildford area and then part time in Fleet, Hants after maternity leave. Son James is now 17 at 6th form college and daughter Laura is 13. I took GCSE child pyschology and A level business studies a few years ago and have worked in schools on part time temporary contracts in learning support, exam invigilation and as librarian. Husband Alan owns and runs Gove Marble Ltd in Kingston and has a factory in Dawlish.Parents still live in Teignmouth so we visit several times a year. Brother STEVE is in Dawlish with his family and is now a grandfather! Sister LOUISE is in Torquay with her family.Have sporadic contact with Sue LITTLE, and have spoken to Glyn EVANS and Sarah DOLLEY (now in Belgium) via Friends Reunited. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! Karen.

TRUDY CLARK (nee FULLER 77-81)  trudyclarkfuller at or tel 07766890577 -On leaving TGS I attended Torquay Tech and studied A Level Business Studies and Communications. I started work in a Pensions company, and worked my way up the ranks until I was head of Corporate Pensions. I left there in 1993 to have my first son, followed by the second in 1997. Stayed at home with the boys until the Big 'D' nearly 4 years ago. Currently living in sunny Exmouth and I am now back at work part-time, working for a Charity called Home-Start, as the Administrator. I enjoy the job as it's so varied -one minute the basic 'office stuff' the next, organising a Family Fun Day and face-painting! I'm (very) occasionally in touch with Julia (Jordan), but I'm afraid I've lost contact with most others in my year. It would be great to hear from anyone - other classmates were Wendy Freemantle, Cindy Hutchings, Helen Gover, Jon
Watkins, etc etc. I 'visit' Teignmouth a bit more nowadays as my boss lives there, and has a beach-hut - so plenty of BBQ's and other socials )

Penny COMER (nee Boothroyd 1971-1976.) Sister of Paul (63-70) and Ian (70-76 (New Zealand). Still living in the area with 5 kids all of whom have attended TCC with the youngest starting in Sept. I think the only teacher left who taught me is Musk Frost and when he saw me he just asked "Is this the last one". I am Assistant Kitchen Manager at Ratcliffe School, Dawlish which is a school for children with emotional behavioural problems. Quite a rewarding job and the kids are actually quite nice (well some of them). My manager is Joy Smith (nee (Matthews) who attended TGS 1972-1977. We have fun talking about the old school and teachers. I’m in touch with Nichola Jackson (71-76) and Carole Webber( 71-76) who were my best friends at school. I remarried last year to Paul Comer who also comes from Teignmouth (a well known local businessman!!!) and we live in Bishop. I still see a lot of ex-TGS pupils around and about (usually in the pubs) and enjoy chatting about the good old days. Ian lives in New Zealand and Paul lives in the Midlands but still regularly visits. Be nice to hear from anyone.

When our two boys, Stephen and Andrew, were around four and five, we paid a visit to London. Near Buckingham Palace we were confronted by huge bronze statues of naked men and women. The boys studied these for some time and we braced ourselves for the statement that was obviously coming. After a while, Stephen announced, “They’ve got no socks on!”

My granddaughter, Lorna, six, asked her mummy about her grandma. My daughter told her that her grandma had died a long time ago. “Was she kind?” Lorna asked. “Did she like children?”. ‘Yes’ Clare replied, “she loved children. She had a big tin of sweets especially for the grandchildren”. After a short pause Lorna asked “What happened to the tin of sweets?”

My five year old granddaughter was sitting down to write a story. Within minutes she called out, “How do you spell ponce”? “What are you writing?” I asked somewhat shocked, “Well, Once a ponce a time”, she replied.

My granddaughter aged 11, was explaining that her friend’s pregnant Mum was overdue. “If the baby doesn’t come by Monday, the Doctor is going to seduce her” she said.