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Inez WALL (nee PAGET) 1950-55) Has moved from Teignmouth to British Columbia, Canada. We could form a branch of TOGA in BC! Now at (2693 273rd Street, Aldergrove, V4W 3K2, BC, Canada. Tel: 604 857 5226 Email is not working! Please send me your new one Inez. Very much enjoys reading all the news but has not seen much about any of the girls she shared a form with. They were the only all girls class the school had had (due to many more girls passing the 11+ that year) and had the sufffix G ie 1G, 2G etc. She thinks they thought they might be a shining example of good behaviour but remembers being told in the last year they were there that they would never have an all girls class again! She remembers Jennifer THOMAS, Elizabeth WAY, Claire PACKER, Pat SEMMENS, Pat CHAPPLE (is she the one married to Cyril GOUGH who she knew because she was a Bishop girl?), Freda HAMLYN, Myra THOMAS, Beryl BUCKINGHAM to name a few. She was particularly friendly with Mavis DELL who unfortunately died of cancer some years ago. Very fond memories too of school dinners – those lovely steamed puddings! One very poignant memory is of Mr Nodder (Sleepy) telling them in the dining hall that they should be quiet because the King had died. (Can anyone put her back in touch with any of these girls please? Liz Way, Freda Hamlyn, Pat (Gough) Chapple should be easy via the Directory). Ed.

Enid STRICKLAND (nee STOCKER) (1954-62) wife of Ronald STRICKLAND joined TOGA after she read the last newsletter and she immediately spotted the mistake in the photograph on page 26 of NEWS 2005. Firstly she says its is not 1957 but 1961 and she says it’s a photo of the Prefects for that year as she saw herself in the back row at number nine, not as you say Ginny FAULKNER. She was herself made a prefect that year. She gives the following information: thanks for it Enid. “Stroan”
Aish, S Brent, Devon, TQ10 9JG, 01364 73661.
Back row: Girls (l to r): 1 Judy Hall, 2 Joy Crispin,3. ? 4
Rachel Wheeler, 5 Margaret Wrightson, 6 ? 7 ? 8 ?,9 Enid
Stocker, Boys: 1 Mike Mortimer,2 ? 3 Titch Taylor, 4 Richard
Finch.Front row: 3 Linda ?, 4 ? Boyne, 5 Susan Davies.
Boys: 2 Fred Lendon.

Leslie HOOPER (54-59) Les writes that he and his wife should have been running the World Veterans’ Orienteering Championships in Austria, had not his wife, Bridget, developed a back problem. The still hope to participate in FInland next year. (see entry for Erik Peckett, former staff, Les. Ed)

Peter AUCKLAND (1951-58) 5 Halvarras Park, Playing Place, Truro, TR3 6HE. 01872 864437. Will be in touch with his recollections of the Nevassa cruise. He was saddened to hear of the death of Pat HOWELLS,

Margaret SHEPPARD (nee BARLING (58-65) Sadly Margaret lost her beloved husband of one year in 2005. We were delighted to see her at the Spring lunch reunion with friends Pauline WILMOT, Jenny SNOW (nee BAULKWILL), Pam JONES (nee PELL), Christine BURTON nee PELL. Margaret sent her own memories of Mrs Mary MORTIMER, RE, STAFF) She took our small A level Latin group (Rosemary CRESSWELL, Peter ETHERTON, Michael CORNELIUS and myself) for a few periods each week. Molly BRICE taking the rest. Our prowess at the language was most unimpressive so she could not have found the task very rewarding. She set us chunks of Latin literature to learn by heart for homework doubtless in the ill-founded hope that the language and patterns would somehow rub off. However, she was full of enthusiasm and brought a breath of fresh air into the classroom. The highlight of our acquaintance with her was being invited to the Bishop’s Palace at Exeter at the end of the summer term (her husband was the then Bishop of Exeter), and taking afternoon tea in style!( refers to article in NEWS 2005) Someone has asked about a John BARLING? Any information?

Roger CANN (1954-60) 18 Larch Way, Haxby, York, North Yorkshire. 01904 764448. jc10 at   Roger I have mislaid your news! Please send it again. Mary Ed.

Joy CRISPIN-WILSON: 55-62 Rang to say she would love to see TOGA NEWS 2005 and maybe get back in touch with old friends. She lives at 15 Chalfont Road, Oxford, OX2 6TL, Tel: 01865 553518.She comes to Teignmouth to visit her Mum.

Jennie FINBOW (nee HENDERSON 56-61) (Jennie was in The Milkmaid in Teignmouth owned by Peter BLAKEBURKE,(75-81), when she got into conversation (as you do) with Pauline SEATON (35-41) and it transpired that Jennie was an Old Grammarian. The following report is the result. I sent her TOGA NEWS 2005 and hope Jennie joins TOGA. Ed).

Thank you very much for the TOGA NEWS 2005 which I am still reading. One letter interestingly talks about "Tweak" who was a border, at Mount Everest. She was a good friend at one time, though being a day girl I was lost when she disappeared up the hill to lunch and so I think we drifted apart. I also do not remember her real name! Can anyone enlighten us? Some of the names that come to mind are Cynthia Hepworth, Cynthia Battershill, Enid Stocker, Jeremy Alden, Roma Jarvis. Christine and John Robbins, Jeremy Alden, Ron Strickland, Michael Mortimore, Rachel Wheeler, Joy Crispin (I have heard news about Joy mostly because she married Harold Wilson's son Robin and I bumped into her outside a concert at Christchurch College!) Most of all it would just be interesting to know what the others are all doing now. I was there from roughly 1956 - 1961. (I have also been Jennifer Creasy, my first husband was the father of my two daughters. I then had an unfortunate second marriage to an American professor of biochemistry, Jacob Ghazarian, which lasted five years - thus my time in the USA) I am now very happily married to an architect, Mike Finbow.I would love to hear from Enid Stocker, John Good, Ron Strickland and anyone from my year.

I have lived in or near Oxford since 1961 when I came up to nurse at the Radcliffe Infirmary. After one year’s nursing and rather too many dead bodies I went to the Oxford Mail and Times. After four years there I moved to PR, finally becoming an Account Executive for Farmers Weekly covering half the country; visiting livestock markets in my wellies and calling on auctioneers . In slightly smarter apparel. I worked in the States from 1983 to November 1987 on health orientated journals (still keeping a base in a village near Oxford). I developed some useful nerd-like skills, spreadsheets, word-processing and newspaper layouts on a computer. For the last fourteen years I have been managing the private practice of a Consultant Surgeon in Oxford. For the last nine of those years, my happiest working days, I ran the private practice for a young plastic surgeon who specialises in hand surgery. I retired in April 2005 so that my husband and I could spend more time on the River Loire in France where we have a small village house. When we are there I paint, garden and cook, and when my husband can entice me away from the romping courgettes , play tennis. The neighbours are great, speak no English, and love sitting by the river sipping the local Saumur Brut. The most memorable evenings consist of the ‘aperitif diner’. You arrive at 6pm for a few nibblies, and at 10.30 the nibblies are still arriving, though getting sweeter and usually accompanied by a sweet Coteau du Layon. So far we have found our way home without falling into the river. It is a beautiful village with a very old church and a chateau/prieure at the top of the hill. My plastic surgeon and his fiancée fell in love with it when they visited and were married there in 2003. A very exciting event for the village. My mother still lives in Teignmouth and we visit her often, keeping up with all the news. We wander along the harbour where I learnt to swim and have lunch at the Ship Inn. I was very sad to hear that Charlie (Roy) Cresswell my old history master had died. We used to live opposite him in Churchill Drive, Teignmouth and I have fond memories of him pottering in his garden smoking his pipe. My mother sent me a cutting when ‘Rat’ Wheeler died, I was in the same form as his
daughter Rachel. He was a great influence on me as was D.M. Thomas, who I am sure many will remember (He wrote White Hotel which won the Booker prize in 1981) I have two grown up daughters. My elder daughter is a chartered accountant working for an international company in the Banbury area. My younger daughter has stayed in Belfast after obtaining a degree at Queens and she works in the health sector in Belfast. Over the years I have done fashion drawing for various journals and companies, I paint under my maiden name of Jennie Henderson and have a web site “” My phone number is 01869 350969  
jennie at

Cyril BOYNE (1953-58) 2 Cliffden Close, Teignmouth, TQ14 8TU. 01626 779175 cyril.boyne at

Terry MITCHELL (1958-65) New address back in Teignmouth: 19 Drake Avenue, Teignmouth, TQ14 9NA.

Les (1957-62) and Pat (nee WRIGHT) (1955-61)NICKS 116 Honiton Road, Exeter, EX1 3EW  les.pat.nicks at   Les and Pat are hoping to make it to a reunion sometime.

Albert LACEY (1950-55) has been to Canada and also on a rather special Mediterranean cruise.  

Cyril GOUGH and wife Pat nee CHAPPLE (51-56/50-55), are over from Australia during the summer. He has a message in typical Gough fashion: Friends, Romans, Poms and Aussies, lend me your ears. Please note a change of  address (again Cyril ???) gough at  If I had Broadband I’d be online 24/7 for all your welcome communications!

Joan SAUNDERS (nee BUTLER) (1950-53) 27 Sandford View, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2RG. 01626 367133. Enjoyed meeting up with old school friends at the spring lunch.
Philip SMITH (52-57) Lives in Cirencester. Sent his tribute to Mr Derek Cole (RIP) Last weekend my son (who is a programmer-Maths & Computing degree from Exeter Uni) updated my box and installed broadband. As a result my e-mail address has now changed to smithphil at .Turning to DHC -I remember him well-I have always been a cricket fan-still am been to the Cheltenham festival today to see my beloved Gloucestershire get carted around the field by the Tafia. My memory of Derek was watching him score a splendid 156 [or so] playing for Devon against Berkshire in the Minor Counties championship. The match was played at Exeter -Pennsylvania just below the University. Wonderful days -to me DHC was a sporting icon-I seem to remember he held the record at TGS for throwing the cricket ball -it was over 100 yds. Just a bit of an update. After a lifetime in the Industrial Paint Industry I am now semi-retired but still earning a bit on the side as a self –employed sales agent. My wife and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary earlier this year with a wonderful holiday in the Maldives-somewhere we have always wanted to go-absolute paradise. While we were away
our first grandchild arrived so we had something to celebrate when we came back. You asked in your e-mail who was in my year - those that I can remember were-Tony Whitby, Keith Whitlock, Roger Granados, Roger Russell, ???? Hall, Susan Griggs, Jennifer Ford, Eric Vaughan and lots of others whose faces I can still see now but can’t remember their names. (Phil: Keith and Roger are both members of TOGA and Edward Granados and their contact details are in the TOGA DIRECTORY (£1.50!) Ed. Mary) 

Marion RICH (51-58) lives at Andover, 66 Corunna Main, SP10 1JF. She wrote that it is always interesting to read TOGA NEWS. She went on a brilliant Midsummer cruise last year to Norway and Spitzbergen. She still does competitions and last year WON A CAR!! As she doesn’t drive she sold it and shared the proceeds with fifteen very happy members of her family. Please give my special wishes to John and Valerie BRIGGS who live in Topsham.

John & Valerie BRIGGS (nee PARSONS 51-58) live at 12 Greatwood Terrace, Topsham, Exeter, EX3 0EB. Tel: 01392 877115.  johnbriggs at  They are well and always pleased to hear from former classmates.

Reverend Prebendary John GOOD (56-62) Rector of Axminster Parish Church. Still at Axminster! Married to Rebecca -three children, (now a grandfather to Martha).Sister Diana (married to Derek) in Cheltenham: The more I look back to TGS, the more I realise how fortunate we were in having such an excellent education Rev'd Prebendary John Good, The Rectory, Church Street, AXMINSTER EX13 5AQ .Honiton Deanery East -Axminster Team Ministry. My sister, Diana, lives at "Charnes" Tivoli Road, Cheltenham Glos. 01242 517019

Colin REYNOLDS (1956-63) lives in Fort McMurray, Canada. A fter A Levels went to the University of Sussex to read Physics.

After the first term I changed to Psychology and graduated with a BA in 1966. That year I left for Canada, returning in 1968 with Rita whom I married in 1969 in Teignmouth. I worked for the Home Office Prison Department for a few years picking up an MSc from Birmingham during this period. Kate (1970) and Iain (1971) joined the family and we returned to Canada in 1977. Moved to Alberta in 1979 and have been there ever since. My parents, now deceased, followed them to Canada and lived in Fort McMurray until they died. I currently manage an FBO (Fixed Base Operation – which is a base for non-commercial aircraft to disembark their passengers and refuel) at the local airport although he has had several jobs over the years. I hope this one will take me to retirement. We have four grandchildren all living with their parents in the Edmonton area. I would be happy to hear from any old acquaintances at creynold at Miss Brice taught me Latin for 2 years before I dropped it with a sigh of relief. It was said of Simple (not very original were they?) Simon that she was the most able intellectually of all the staff. She lived in Shaldon and kept geese which got her into trouble with the neighbours and led to some sort of Court case. I remember the Page girls who lived down Smuggler’s Lane, Holcombe in what then seemed a very mysterious house. It was behind a tall white wall and the equally tall gate appeared never to open. I suspect the mystery was informed somewhat by the fact that I used to challenge myself to walk, not run, down Smuggler’s Lane in the dark to master my fear! The girls were quite a bit older than I was. I grew up (3-12) in Holcombe and went to Lendrick School before TGS. THE THREE PAGE GIRLS: NOT the PAGE 3 Girls!!) (The girls were Cynthia, Alimay and Evelyn Page (Paige?) Colin.

I went to the Convent of Notre Dame with them all before Cynthia and Evelyn came to TGS. Ed/Mary) Where are they now? Does anyone know? Ed.

Colin gives same names for the photo in NEWS 2005: Colin sent part of the official school photograph 1958 Photo: l-r ? ? Carole Massey, Jennifer Sankey, ? Evelyn(?), Page, Marion Rich, Valerie Arnold, Clare Packer, ? ? ?, Heather Wheeler. He remembers the names Carole, Valerie, Evelyn and Clare, but could not associate them with the faces. Prefects Row 3 Heather Wheeler Janet? Laidman ? ? Mrs Jones wife to Mr Jones (Jones the Games).

ACTUAL WRITINGS from hospital charts:

1. The patient refused autopsy.
2. The patient has no previous history of suicides.
3. Patient has left white blood cells at another hospital.
4. Note: patient here-recovering from forehead cut. Patient became very angry when given an enema by mistake.
5. Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year.
6. On the second day the knee was better, and on the third day it disappeared.
7. The patient is tearful and crying constantly. She also appears to be depressed.
8. The patient has been depressed since she began seeing me in 1993.
9. Discharge status: Alive but without permission.
10. Healthy appearing decrepit 69-year old male, mentally alert but forgetful.
11. Patient had waffles for breakfast and anorexia for lunch.
12. She is numb from her toes down.
13. While in ER, she was examined, x-rated and sent home.
14. The skin was moist and dry.
15. Occasional, constant infrequent headaches.
16. Patient was alert and unresponsive.
17. Rectal examination revealed a normal size thyroid. OUCH!
18. She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life, until she got a divorce.
19. I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy.
20. Examination of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized.
21. The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.
22. Skin: somewhat pale but present
23. Patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities