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Peter RAINSFORD (1944-48) Hasn’t heard from anyone via the TOGA forum which he finds disappointing. Had a letter from Pat PENWILL before Christmas. They used to play tennis together and were members of St Michael’s youth club. Planning a ‘caravan year’ starting at Easter. Had a walking holiday in May with friends. From what he has heard and read he thinks that Teignmouth must be a rather sad place compared with the town he knew. He remembers some years ago when he was still teaching (in Special Education) an organisation wanted to buy or lease the old Royal Hotel to use as a holiday home for the disabled and there was a big outcry from the locals who did not want that to happen. It hit the national press and TV. He wonders whether such adverse publicity led to the demise of most of the hotels in the town? His information is that there are now none that are viable – contentious – and he will probably get struck off now! He has recently seen an article in the Daily Telegraph about the first meeting of Columbus and the native Indians of America. It brought back memories of an Eisteddfod – a tableau of an event in history. He wonders how many people remember going to the moors to collect bracken, then being painted with cold cocoa by the girls in VA form room? The great thing was that Exe won that one with a resounding first. The picture in the Telegraph was in fact the one they portrayed.

Peter WADHAM (1940-46) (Mary Thomas remembers his mother, Mrs Mabey, District Guide Commissioner when she was a girl). Lives in Florida where they have had the mildest winter for 14 years. His cousin is Norman Kember (captured and held hostage in Iraq) and he was astounded to hear his name after his release from captivity. At first he thought it couldn’t be him as he would have been too old! Couldn’t believe a 74 year old would be dumb enough to go to Iraq! Peter became a short-lived celebrity in Florida and was interviewed on the local news! Peter says of Derek Cole , “I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Derek Cole. I remember him well as he was super hero to us young uns. I will always remember him throwing a cricket ball an incredible height and distance.”

Jill WILLIAMS (nee STONE) (1949-56) Oncidium, Longburton, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 5PG. verle at Had her two teenage grandchildren staying for February half term, so things were pretty hectic! She was thrilled to hear that Clare MEUNIER (nee BAILEY) has been in touch. They played netball together and were great friends at school. After leaving school she attended Weymouth Training College for two years and started teaching in September 1958. She married in 1959 and had her only daughter in 1963. Took up teaching again in 1967. Soon after this she became Deputy Head in a very large junior school and enjoyed a long and happy period at that position until her early retirement in 1990 – her first grandchild was waiting for her Nan to give more time to her. She has enjoyed her retirement so much, her second grandchild was born in 1992 so has been kept busy helping to look after them. She also started a dried flower business firstly as a hobby but then it grew beyond that and she continued with the flowers until her husband retired in 2000. Since then they have travelled a great deal. On their travels they have met two OGs, firstly Jennifer SANKEY at a camp site in St Jean de Luz in 1977. Secondly Janet GLENTON who was on tour with her husband and friends in the same group as them in Canada in 1998. Small world! She has really happy memories of her time at TGS and all the friends and acquaintances she made over the years there. Jill has been sorting out family photos given to her by her auntie, John BALLANTYNE (1944-51) Red Roofs, Symm Lane, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 7BG. Thought 2005 TOGA News made fascinating reading and some of the photographs brought back memories, especially the 1949 Eisteddfod winners. (See Photo page 27 NEWS 2005) He remembers it appearing in the Teignmouth Post at the time.

Wasn’t sure where some of the name lines went but thinks he can add a few names. The smiling girl on Ruth LAIDMAN’S right is Joan BUTT. The fellow behind Beryl ADAMS is Geoff HARTNOLL; Pete (Popgun) STRONG is a Derek. The House Captain receiving the shield from Sid was Peter OSBORNE and the girl with him was Gillian HARTLANDROWE. The girl standing in front of her, between Skip SKERRETT and Colin RUSHMERE is Sylvia HOWARD. He says the record of deaths makes sombre reading and reading about people dying in their 60s and 70s brings home the chilling fact that one is ‘in the bracket’ – not that he has any intention of curling up his toes yet awhile, but as the good book says we are here today and gone tomorrow! Whilst on this sad subject he read in the Daily Telegraph of the death of a John R Prentice who lived not far north of Wotton. He wonders if this could be the J R (Jock) PRENTICE who was in the fifth form of TGS towards the end of his time there? He enjoyed the Spring Lunch at Cockhaven in 2004, however found that after 50+ years few of those present were recognizable as his contemporaries. Would have found name badges useful to identify them in the crowd. Skip SKERRETT did recognise him and it was good to chat with him and his wife, also Jean VAN RYNVELD (nee TUCKER) and Mrs Bossom. (We all knew who you were John, still the tallest boy in school!!”

John also sent the following as so many of his contemporaries from the 1940’s have already done so or are about to celebrate Golden Weddings: As the date of my forthcoming wedding anniversary begins to loom large on the horizon, I cannot help casting my mind back to that March day in 1957 when I married my sweetheart, Rita. We had fixed the date as 30 March (in those far-off days there was such a thing as a Married Man’s Tax Allowance, and that was the last Saturday in the Tax year to enable me to claim the maximum rebate!. We were to be wed in Tavistock Parish Church. However, with all arrangements firmly in place, my then employers- de Havilland Propellers at Hatfield – required me to fly out to Woomera in S Australia on 27 March as a member of a Guided Weapons Trials team. Panic reigned!! Could the wedding be brought forward one week? Yes! But Tavistock church would not be available, and the wedding would have to take place in the daughter church of St Petrock in the village of Lydford on Dartmoor. We had chosen familiar hymns, but the village organist decided to play unfamiliar tunes! Everything else went according to plan after a short honeymoon in Moretonhampstead, I returned to Hatfield on the Wednesday. This was the second of my five trips to Woomera between 1956 and 1962. I have always maintained that my first trip out there, flying on most legs of the 7-day journey at heights of between 7,500 and 10,000 feet, was the best geography lesson I ever had – surpassing even those of “Barney” PATON – as one could see so clearly everything over which one was passing, and the 6-night stops were, with the exception of Mauripur (outside Karachi), at most interesting places. I have to thank my education at TGS which enabled me to be trained as an Air Radar Fitter during my National Service in the RAF which itself, helped me to get employment with D H Propellers, for my 35 years in the Aerospace industry – for the most part at Hatfield but for the last 5 years, at Filton, Bristol. JB

Reverend “Fred” (Douglas FARNHAM) (Hostel Boy) has a new hip and is hoping now he can drive again, to get to the Spring 2007 reunion.

Sheila HARRIS (nee WILSON) (1948-54) 2 Norman Close, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1PB. 01626 361993. Was interested to see in TOGA News 2005 the name Jack SELLICK in Peter Rainsford’s correspondence. Jack (John) is her cousin and she hears from him each Christmas. He went to the States in 1946, initially to Delaware and then Long Island. He completed his education there (the grounding he had at TGS put him ahead of his peers!). After graduating he visited Dawlish and spent a day at TGS. Sheila was able to satisfy the curiosity of many who wanted to know who 6ft red-haired man was – having lunch at the staff table. After military service in Korea he moved to California, married and had 2 daughters and a son. He survived a serious car crash in the 70s and went on to become President of one of the largest Assurance companies in America. On retirement he and his wife divide their time between travelling the States playing in golf tournaments and visiting family. They now have 5 grandchildren. He once told me America had been really good to him. His contemporaries were Louis WHITTON, David CORNELIUS and the late Harry BRIMBLE.

Betty PRICE nee WILLCOCKS (48-54). Lives in Liverpool after a career in nursing but came to Teignmouth to meet up with Audrey GUEST nee BOYCE whose mother still lives in Teignmouth. Do you remember Mrs Boyce the dressmaker? eprice at

AUDREY GUEST nee BOYCE (48-54) lives in France, is married to an Englishman and has been a teacher all her life. She also met up with Mike and Audrey CONNELLY (nee SMALL).

Anthony CUTTING (1945-52) visited Alan and Geraldine (Hook née LENNARD) in France en route from Nantes to Morlaix, where his company’s flight simulator is situated. www.blueskies ?. They are both well and it was great to see them. The last time he saw Alan was in 1952 so quite a lot to talk about. They wish to be remembered to everyone.

Alan and Geraldine LENNARD (nee HOOK (45-50 & 46-51) moved to France in 2004 and we gave their address in last year’s NEWS. As it has been asked for again here it is.6 Rue de Pouance, 49420 La Previere, FRANCE. 02 41 94 27 32. How are you getting on? Would love an update for next year’s NEWS please.

John HOLMAN (1954-60) 11 Well Oak Park, Exeter, EX2 5BB. Re Page 12 TOGA News 2005 – his sister says that details of the address for Alan and Geraldine LENNARD (nee HOOK) can be obtained from her daughter on 02380 615739.

His sister Margaret DOUGLAS (nee HOLMAN) (1946-51) trained with Geraldine at RD&E and then went to work at St Thomas’s in London and have been friends ever since. Also saw mention of Reg BROWN (who lives at Kingswood, S Glos) who was a contemporary of Margaret from Exminster. He sent her a press cutting a few years back extracted from the Express and Echo about Reg.

Reg BROWN (1946-52) 26 Baglyn Avenue, Kingswood, South Glos. BS15 4XS. 0117 957 0883  reg at

David and Shelagh St JOHN THOMAS (nee TWEMLOW : (1939-1948 and 1944-1951, respectively), continue to live at Inverwick House, Albert Street, Nairn IV12 4HE, spending some time at their Bath pad and still occasionally visiting old haunts in Devon. Having sold well in hardback, David’s Journey Through Britain is now in paperback and this autumn is followed by For the Love of a Cat, while touring for Remote Britain has also started. Sheila helps the editorial process… and remains active as the lay reader at the Episcopal Church. They also run a holiday cottage in the grounds of their home. David’s old firm, David & Charles, were in the news recently with a bid by Lidl to take over the Newton Abbot site, where the famous signal gantry is sited. The planning application was defeated and D&C are still tenants. David and Sheila would always be pleased to hear from past classmates. inverwick at Tel: 01667 55050

Roger MILTON (47-53): 24 Burch Gardens, Dawlish. Roger had a stroke in 2005, but is well on the mend, and played a round of golf this week, and is about to take the caravan away. Has had excellent medical care, especially from physios and dietitician. Jan LENDON, wife of FRED has been assisting with his physiotherapy.

Thomas UNDERHILL (1942-47) 53 Yannon Drive, Teignmouth, TQ14 9JP. 01626 772432.  underhill at  Tom sent me the obituary of his brother-in-law Phil STOCKER who sadly died.

Ruth SMITH nee LAIDMAN (45-52) has a new email address: ruthsm at  Ruth stood as the successful Conservative candidate for Pinhoe Ward in the local elections. Ruth has boundless energy still teaches quilting etc, visits children and grandchildren, theatres, plays golf, helps with charity fundraising. Plus ca change then?

Robin and Audrey ROBERTSON (nee BROOM) 47/4954/55. crrob at in Tonbridge. Robin and Audrey come to almost every reunion with John and Janet CATTANACH (nee BELLAMY) and the CONNELLYS.

Janet SHIELDS (nee WESTON) (1948-50) 8763 Vicars Street, Chilliwack, British Columbia, V2P 6VD. She is a member of a professional group of 8 people, 4 men and 4 women called BritsAbroad (most are British living in Canada). Have had considerable success doing a show which varies between 45 minutes and 1 hour consisting of British comedy sketches and songs. It includes selections from the Beatles, Rod Stewart, war songs and pub songs, and the producer writes sketches to suit the audience based on Benny Hill, the Two Ronnies, Monty Python, The Crazy Gang and others. She does two skits with another girl called War Brides and Contraception – both quite funny and also Ernie, dressed as a milkman! It’s a lot of fun and very fast. They have done nine shows this year. Taking July and August off but have bookings for September, October and December, which keeps her out of mischief! She spent many years on the professional and amateur stage in England before going to Canada and have since performed dinner theatre plus many plays before this group began. Would love to come over for a reunion in 2007 when all the group are 70! Came over in 2004 and spent a night with Jill GAGG (nee PORCH) (1948-53).

Alan and Sybil (nee FLOYD) WHEELER (1944-50) New address: 15 Jasmine Court, Whitefield Road, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6DF. 01425 612015. adandsj at Has anyone heard of the whereabouts of Chris HART? understood that he went to RAE at Farnborough working on gas turbines and then went up north. Where did he go from there? Also Mike MILLMAN who wanted to go into forestry. Last heard that someone thought he had emigrated to Australia.

Ted FICE (1948-54) After his mother died they all gathered at her house to sort things out, as you have to. They came across a matchbox. It had a colour photo of Charles and Diana on one side, commemorating their wedding and inside were 7 Eisteddfod ribbons which he had no idea she had kept. There was one from 1951, 3 from 1952 and 3 from 1953. What a brilliant idea the Eisteddfod was, giving many the opportunity to shine for an ability which was not necessarily academic. He remembers art (for which he thinks he won his ribbons), music, poetry, drama etc. He remembers drama as he was asked to participate in something historical and was given the part of a bishop or maybe a cardinal. He got the part because he sang in St Michael’s choir and could borrow his purple cassock, white surplice and white ruff. He remembers that when he made his entrance it got a very good laugh, probably mostly from fellow members of his year. He also remembers winning a ribbon for a self-portrait which he drew and painted from a school photo. He recalls his was not the best – that was produced by a lad called Philpott who was in the year above. He had produced his drawing by drawing from his reflection in a mirror. Unfortunately he forgot to change the parting in his hair and the pocket on his blazer to the other side. As he result he was given second place.

John DOWNING (49-56) sent in two team photos from Spring 1948 (Football) and Summer 1946 (Cricket)

Diana GOOD (47-53?) Diana is married to Derek, but I don’t know her married surname, and she lives at "Charnes" Tivoli Road, Cheltenham, Glos. 01242 517019

Margaret CONNELL (nee HARVEY) (1940s) 7114 Del Norte Drive, Goleta, CA 93117 USA. Tel: 805 968 4264. margaretconnell at

Michael HARVEY (1938-46) 39 Radcliffe Lane, Scawthorpe, Doncaster, DN5 7XS. 01302 789815/ mikeharvey39 at

Jeannette LOWE (nee AYLWIN) (1948-53) 53 Hookhills Road, Paignton, TQ4 7LR. 01803 844305. Have become grandparents for the first time and absolutely love it. Jeannie wonders how Ruth FINCH (nee NORTHCOTT is these days?)

Brian TOWLER (1948-50) barn 7, Trewarveneth Farm, Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5NF. 01736 351316.

John KERSWELL (1945-52) Branscombe EX12 3BX. 01297 686216 jkerswell at Hobbies, wildlife, travel and photography. Thinks the Newsletter is an enormous improvement. Keep up the good work!

Brenda KERSWELL (nee WHITE) has a new address. 1 Start Avenue, Teignmouth, TQ14 8RT. Clare Meunier (nee BAILEY) and Joyce and Ian TURNER (nee TUCKER) would all like to get back in touch with Brenda.

Jean PETHERICK (nee FORD 41-46) 46 Faithfull Street,Richmond, Australia, NSW 2753 kindly sent a photo of 1946 Hockey XI. Her sister Audrey MATTHEWS (nee FORD 44-49) and her husband Reg went out to stay for 2-3 months. Their dog was looked after by Beryl GRAY (nee ADAMS 44-50) Jean expected to spend Christmas with her daughter, just up the road in Richmond. They would dine on prawns, cold turkey, pork, chicken, trifle, fruit salad, Punch and dips in the Pool! How tough for you!!

Cathy HOLLANDS (nee BROWN, formerly HARRIS) (194553) 474 Fraser Street, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Cathy was married earlier this year to David Hollands, who came with her to a reunion in 2000. Congratulations to you both.

Brian MALLETT (1948-54) just back from a world tour – USA, Canada, Christmas on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, once the most notorious place in the S Pacific. He wondered how many convicts appreciated the lovely scenery; stately pine trees and abundant wild life – apparently the convicts ate one bird to extinction!. There are only 1800 residents. It was great getting around on a bike, but difficult to feel Christmassy when snorkelling and eating ice cream under the sun with gentle breezes and warm water all around. No nasties anywhere. He was very sad to read of the death of John (Jack) HAYMAN. Miss BISS (Art teacher) said that Jack was a scholar in the best sense of the word.1/54 Grand View Parade,Lake Heights, Australia 25202(int code + 02 42728996

Ray SRODZINSKI (1948-54) has lost touch with Brian MALLETT and would like to get back in touch.18 Jenkins Street, Tarooma, TASMANIA 7053. His wife Pam’s address  is pamsrodzinski at – she’s more likely to read her email than Srod! Ray says, I have been speaking to Brian after his world trip. He seems well and hopes to get to Tassie at some stage.Hope to get to the Ashes boxing day test in Melbourne to shout for the poms (even though I am now naturalised) and hope to be in the UK late 2007 - will contact you then. Kind regards

Gillian MONTAIUTI (nee TOWLER) (1944-49) NB: NEW ADDRESS; Via Oscar Ghiglia 250 00125, Malafede (Rome)., Italy. 06-52440919

Ian and Joyce TURNER (nee TUCKER) (1949- 56) Convent House, The Droveway, St Margaret’s Bay, Dover, CT15 6BZ, 01304 852722. iandjturner at Has found newsletters very interesting and Ian has been in touch with Peter TRIST which was good. Joyce has written to Jackie TUCKER (nee HARVEY). Update on the Class of 1949-56 On 2nd September 1956 Joyce travelled to London with Clare BAILEY and Ian TURNER. They were all excited to be going to the big city, but she was pretty scared. Secretly she wondered if it was such a good idea to leave her family and the tranquil village of Kenton for this unknown territory. On reaching Waterloo their ways parted. Clare started at Secretarial college in Hampstead, Ian went to a section house in the West End prior to staring his police training at Hendon the next day, and she went to a nurses’ home in a very select area of London. On the Monday she started nursing training at Westminster Hospital. The next Sunday they all went back to Waterloo to meet Pat WALKER and Veronica CLARK. The following day they started their studies at London University. During the ensuing years they all kept in touch, together with Jennifer NEWBERRY who went to London the following year. This friendship circle remains intact 50 years on! In Jennifer’s case it was strengthened by her marriage to Tony BRYANT (also in their year) and Joyce and Ian married in 1960. They have followed a variety of careers. Pat graduated in History and subsequently taught the subject. She kept in touch with Mr ARGYLE to whom she always felt indebted. Veronica has lectured in Psychology in both London and Australia. Both of them still live in London, as do Jennifer and Tony. Tony finished his career as Head of a large Catholic comprehensive in the North before unfortunately having to retire after a heart attack. Clare became a successful secretary and moved to British Colombia in the 60s. Once there she worked for the Mounties for some time before spending many years with the Education Service in Canada. Joyce and Ian have visited her and her husband at their home by the Suschwap Lake and they have visited them near Dover and also at their house in France. Joyce obtained her SRN qualification and subsequently trained as a primary school teacher. She enjoyed that career too finally retiring from the second of two Headships. After working on the beat in the East End of London Ian went into plain clothes police work and was seconded to Dover as a sergeant in the 60s. They loved the country life by the sea and proximity to France so Ian re-trained as a teacher and subsequently taught French for many years locally. That, in a nutshell, is the potted history of ‘their group’. They still keep in touch regularly and have fond memories of TGS. The thing they all feel, very strongly, is that the Eisteddfod shaped their personalities and gave them confidence more than anything else in their lives. What a marvellous institution it was and what a pity the strictures of the National Curriculum no longer permit such a fantastically innovative tradition to continue! During the term leading up to Eisteddfod week they learned how to work independently, their hobbies and interests were fostered and celebrated and they learned leadership and team building skills. At the time they gave no thought to the endless extra hours of work that it must have given the staff! However it was probably a unique institution and one for which they shall always be grateful. In mentioning the word gratitude Joyce will always be sorry that they did not get back in touch with many of their teachers in order to say a big thank you. They were so sorry to hear of the recent death of Mr CRESSWELL, of whom they all have fond memories. They also frequently remember the enormously charismatic Mr NODDER * .She’d like him to know what a tremendous influence he had on their lives and future careers. Of course all the staff there were special in their own different ways and they feel privileged to have come under their influence in the years 1949-56. They also feel lucky to have kept this close circle of friends though the ensuing 50 years. Joyce and Ian were pleased to meet up with another of their contemporaries, May GAIL (nee HAWKE) recently. May is well and living in Preston. They also met John PHILPOTT last New Year. He now lives in their village having retired from teaching at the local boys’ grammar school. (* Sadly SEN died many years ago. Ed.)

Clare MEUNIER (nee BAILEY) (1949-54) Box 2525, Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 4R4 Canada  rmeunier at Contact was made with Clare through Ian and Joyce TURNER (nee TUCKER). Clare writes that Joyce has forwarded a copy of her update for the class of 56. Thinks she made a great job of condensing their fifty-year friendship and has nothing to add expect to correct the spelling of where they live which should read Shuswap Lake. This is in the southern interior of British Columbia, midway on the Trans Canada Highway between Vancouver on the west coast and Calgary in Alberta (350Km approx either way). She has been there since the late 1970s and during that time has been visited by both Joyce and Ian and Pat Walker (Marsh) and her husband. She only ever returned to TGS once after leaving school and was with Mr Wheeler – although he had retired by then he still had access to the school which blew her mind away at the time given how security conscious they had become. Her parents and the Wheelers became good friends through the church, and even after the death of her mother and Mrs Wheeler the friendship was maintained and sometimes when she was home to her visit her Dad they met up for hikes on Dartmoor which Mr Wheeler loved to do. On one such occasion they were driving along the typical narrow country lane in his small car when they came face to face with a large tractor. Mr W refused to back up and was quite vocal about the whole situation! She remembers Mary Thomas (nee POWER) and her friend Katherine FORCE nee McLEES (48-54) being quite athletic and that they played in some of the school netball and hockey teams together. She would love to know what happened to Audrey BROOM, Gillian STONE and Brenda WHITE. (I hope you are all back in touch again now Clare Ed. Mary)

Veronica LAXON (nee CLARKE 48-54): My brother Ron CLARKE is the big wheel at Rutgers University, New Jersey, and does consultancy in Criminology at the Jill Dando Institute. The other horror, Robin is doing ecological things in Bolivia. My first husband, John Hales, who lived in Hermosa Rd and knew everyone at TGS, but did not actually go there, is running a bar in Brittany. My second husband (of 32 years), Bill Laxon died in what was our holiday home in Greece 13 years ago. I got 3 degrees in Psychology (including a doctorate) and taught in four different universities (one in Australia), retiring once I had done 30 years . I have one son (Seymour Laxon) who is a big wheel in University College London, and often figures in news to do with melting ice-caps and global warming. No grandkids yet. Our sister-in-law, Chris LAXON, who taught Biology and stuff at TGS some years ago, is living in Cockwood, with Jonathan LAXON (who was at TGS) and was Bill's brother. They are running an up-market pickle factory in Budleigh Salterton.

Correen POLLARD (1942-46) Now at The Studio, Station House, GWR Yard, St Agnes, Cornwall, TR5 0PD.

Bill GALLIN (48-54) Lives at Musbury, Axminster. He sent in a photo of TOGA Badminton and Table Tennis Group taken in the early 1950’s at Mt Everest. The names of those featured are with the photo. Bill says Pauline SEATON (35-41)will be able to fill in the missing names!! billgallin at

Peter TAYLOR (1948-55) peterandcaryl at Peter and his wife visited Dubai earlier this year as they have two grandsons (5 and 3) living their via their younger daughter, Alison. Their elder daughter, Catherine, is living near York and she also has two sons (11 and 13).

Ian MORTIMORE (48-53): Many thanks for the 2005 NEWSLETTER and well done for yet another excellent publication – the time and effort which you and the other members of the committee spend in this connection is very much appreciated. We have now sold our Bristol house have a new address which is: The Woodlands, Longleat Lane, Holcombe, Somerset, BA3 5DQ.

Roger and Barbara SAVIDGE (nee TOWNSEND) 47-53 : new address: rufus at

Tony HEPWORTH (47-53) Woodman’s Barn, Higher Carruggatt, Par Cornwall, PL24 2RY. anthony.hepworth2 at  Thoroughly enjoyed reading all the news, a great magazine. I am enjoying my retirement particularly as I don’t have to get up so early to milk all those cows. I thank my lucky stars that I sold out before all the BSE and Foot and Mouth events affected farming. Six grandchildren keep my wife and I very busy. We do quite a lot of foreign travel; in 2005, we had a very exciting trip to Russia, including Moscow and St Petersburg.

Alan McDONALD (47-54)  alanandpat.mcdonald at  Living in Harrogate. Had a smile at NEWS 2005 when I saw the photo of myself in the Eisteddfod photo. I recall that until Geoff PALFREY (48-53) arrived I was the smallest boy in the school!) Could have made it to the September reunion had it been a week earlier as he and Pat were representing their Harrogate Golf Club at Teignmouth Golf Club the previous week. You may be interested that Mr Silverston announced one day when I was in the 5th Form, that Les DYMOND (Ann MILLARD’s 45-51) father would be on the football field the following day to introduce anyone interested to the game. I and a few others became Junior Members of Teignmouth Golf Club. I don’t think I play any better now, but I do still remember a few things Les taught me! Tel: 01423 526646.

Juliet STUBBINGS (nee BOND 48-53) has a new address juliet.stubbings at

Anne PEAKE (nee BAULKWILL) (1940-46) Anne is sister of Peter BAULKWILL, 39 Lakeside, Earley, Reading, RG6 7PG. 0118 9265971 Has sent in three photos from TGS 1946. Anne recently joined TOGA and wonders where are Pam BEER, Joan GOODING, Gwyneth TAVERNER, Margaret WILLIAMS? Can anyone help?

Edward GRANADOS (1947-53) 3 St Annes, Kenton, Nr Exeter. 01626 890062 recently joined TOGA and came to the Spring Lunch with Ivy CAMPBELL (nee WITHECOMBE) (and his wife!) Jim STACEY (40’s) 70 Talbot Road, BRISTOL, BS4 2NT. Jim recently enquired about TOGA.

Ann WYDENBACH (nee WILLIAMS 49-55) got your message via Friends Reunited but couldn't reply without joining! which I didn't want to do. I am still in touch with Angie WARD (nee WAKEHAM 49-55) and hear news from her about TOGA people. I also met up with Shirley and Colin INGRAM when they were in Auckland a few years ago. I was last in the UK in 2000. I retired about a year and a half ago after being graphic designer for the PR Office at the University of Auckland for 16 years. I don't really miss working though, I have a few interests which keep me out of mischief. We have two adult children, my daughter returned to Auckland a couple of years ago after being overseas for 7 years. She and her husband gave us our first grandchild in January. A dear little girl who we love to bits. Our son Graham lives in New Jersey and recently married there and we haven't seen him for a while. We have lived in Auckland for nearly 30 years now and it is our home and we like living here very much. Hope to hear from you. What made you go out to Australia in the first place, Anne? Anne Wydenbach, 7A Peter Terrace, Castor Bay, North Shore City 0620, N Zealand nuzeel at

PHILIP STOCKER (1932-2006) TGS 43-50. We were saddened to hear of the death of Phil Stocker, a popular man through his life in everything with which he became involved. His football prowess during the 40’s at school and for Dawlish, was well documented and he played for Dawlish before moving to Bristol Rovers. He went on to attend St Luke’s College, Exeter and became a teacher, playing for St Lukes’ in the meantime. He moved to Weymouth, taking up a post teaching Maths and Physical Education at Weymouth Grammar School. He played for Terras, making 614 appearances and scoring 45 goals. Despite a long battle with Parkinson’s, he had been attending matches up to 2 weeks before his death. He leaves a wife he met at TGS, Judy BRADLEY(44-51) and four sons. Our condolences to the family especially Judy whom many will remember. Colin GRAHAM and Bill BAKER (classmates) attended the funeral on behalf of TOGA.