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Through the decades

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Kenneth HARRISON (1939-44) Ken died about 20 years ago. His family, who live in the USA, are asking for information on their father. They would especially like to know where he lived in Teignmouth, Dawlish or up the line. Anything anyone remembers about him would be of interest. His son in coming to England this summer and would like to look up places where his grandparents and his father may have lived. Please could the person who gave me this news let me have the address/email for Ken’s son.

Jean BOORER (nee CHURCHILL 39-46) attends a lot of the reunions, and is sometimes accompanied by her daughter, Sally EMMERTON 74-79)

Michael & Mary COLEMAN (nee BUCKINGHAM 38-46) have a new email: marmiccol at  01462 636627.

Barbara HAYTER (nee SING) may be living in Torquay (per Mrs Phillips, Elizabeth’s Mother), but repeated messages left on her phone have not elicited a response. Maybe I sound like a weirdo on the phone! Ed.

Audrey BIRCH nee CHURCHILL (37-42) moved last year to 15 Trafalgar Court, Topsham EX3 0DU, tel: 01392 874067 and has settled in. She plays bridge and attends Probus Club at Exeter Golf Club amongst other activities. She is very happy in Topsham. Audrey donated some wonderful memorabilia to TOGA, includindg Eisteddfod programmes and Sports Day prizes cards and one Eisteddfod Winner’s ribbon, as well her bound copies of TGS School magazines for her years at school.

Audrey’s sister-in-law, Margaret MULGREW (nee BIRCH 3540) , lives in South Africa in Cheltondale.

Pauline SEATON (nee ROSE 35-40 and Staff 61-66 and 69-80) is the lynchpin of the TOGA committee. Her knowledge of former pupils from the 1920’s to now is astonishing and crucial to this Newsletter. She keeps lists of “Hatches, Matches and Despatches” for me as I don’t live in Teignmouth. She keeps threatening to “retire” from the Committee. If she does, we might all resign en bloc! So you had better stay Pauline. We need your house for meetings too! Thanks for all the hospitality over the years. Pauline still enjoys swimming off the river beach.

Mary BAULKWILL (nee Helmore 37-43) attends most reunions with daughter Jenny SNOW (60-67). Mary’s husband, Peter BAULKWILL was able to tell me many stories about learning to play cricket at the late Derek Cole’s home in Holcombe. Derek’s father was also a fine cricketer,who coached the village lads to a very high standard. These included John BONNER, Peter HOOPER, and “cousin” HOPKINS.

Jeanne THOMAS (nee PHILLIPS) (1936-41) 2 Barton Cottages, Whitestone, Exeter, EX4 2LB. 01392 811547.

Albert PENWILL (1933-39) Rozalia, 7 Lower Brimley Close, Teignmouth, TQ14 8LQ. Albert was a champion table tennis player and coach and is remembered by many in Teignmouth. He and his wife, Pat, come to every Spring Lunch. Unfortunately he is not very active these days because of Parkinsons’ and osteoporosis. PAT says that although she is not an Old Grammarian, when the last issue arrived in the post, she sat down to read it from cover to cover, which delayed the washing up that day!

Harold STRANKS (1931-36) 70 Mayflower Close, Chipping Ongar, Essex, CM5 9BA. 01277 362572. Harold wrote to say his sister-in-law, widow of Cyril (193334), was kindly offering us 29 bound copies of TOGA magazines. We do already have a full bound set, but it was very kind of her. Harold and his wife are 87 and 85. He still drives and they are keeping well. Their daughter lives nearby and keeps an eye on them both. They have 3 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren!

John D A FLOYD (1935-42) 25 Frinton Court, The Esplanade, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, C)13 9DW. John comes to as many of the reunions as he can. He kindly said “I think you and your Team have done a tremendous job and I should like you to know that I for one, appreciate all the efforts you have put into it.” Many thanks for that John.

Noreen MARDON nee AGGETT (35-40) attends most of our reunions as do the following:
Dorcas PORTER (nee STOWERS 38-44), Eileen STOWERS (nee WESTLAKE 36-41); Derrick WILLEY (37-44), Dawlish, Megan YELLAND (nee WILLIAMS 34-36), Roy ALWAYS (38-44), Marion JOHNS nee COX (37-43), not forgetting Frank PURCHASE.

Some 1930’s people we haven’t heard from for a long time, HOW ARE YOU ?? Reg CHAPMAN (33-38 Exmouth), Eva BRETT (33-39 London), Betty CULLEN Minehead), William DISCOMBE (35-40) (lost his address as he moved from N Abbot; Mike HARVEY (38-46 Doncaster); Ian & Beryl HAWKINS (nee COOK) (36-41); John McCARTHY (31-36) Shaldon; Derek & Joan METHERELL (nee SHORT 32-38), Teignmouth; D G “Bill” BAILEY (39-41 aged 15), Bucks)

MOLLY WALKER (nee Phillips 31-37) 20 Pamela Road, Exeter, EX1 2UE. Tel: 01392 25405. Remembering and Reminiscing a long time ago! Some of my contemporaries:
Monica NUTBROWN, Beryl Godfrey, Joyce Crideford,
Madeline Charffe, Joan DRURY (MOIST) RIP (Australia),
Bernard BON, Bill, GILPIN, “Tubby” PEARCE, Bob Bourne,
Harold EGGINTON, “Malc” HARRIS, Barbara (RIP) and
SHIMELL and sadly others no longer with us. A Welshman,the
late Mr E W THOMAS as our French teacher; “Barney”

Ruth HAIGH, Misses COOK and ELLIOTT, all were our mentors. PARIS in 1936 – a school choir with Joe SMITH – singing English Country Songs on the radio from La Scala Cantorum – cost of that trip - £7.12.6d!(how much is that now?) I remember Christmas parties, all dressed up, at the London Hotel, (now McCarthy & Stone apartments), and learning to dance in the “Hut” in our lunch breaks. The School Play, “The Farmer’s Wife” by Eden Phillpotts and interrupted at 9.00pm for the abdication speech of Edward VIII!. School finished at 4pm, then we ran all the way down the hill to the station to catch the 4.17pm to get home! I had been married 52 years to Johnny Walker, a BT superintendent, and am now a widow. Cruising for my holidays and have been all over the world. Two more cruises this year will make it my 50th Cruise! Regards to all who may remember me.

Derek (Dick) NORTHCOTE (36-42) wrote that he was so pleased to read the NEWS 2005 and very sorry to read of the death of Ivan HENSHAW. I was interested to learn from Graham BOWEN (35-40). Of the proposed Norwegian Cruise in 1939. In 1938 I was lucky enough to be one of the party. Les BOSSOM was in charge and I also remember Arthur BLADON, John BONNER and a lad called BROOKS and another called GABB. We left Teignmouth at 1.00 to Hull where we boarded the troopship “Dunera”, joining boys from all over the country. Meals were served in the troop decks and we slept in hammocks. We went inside the Arctic Circle at Bodo, visited the Svartisen Glacier, where reindeer swam around the ship. The other ships were “Dilwara”, Navassa” and “Nuralia”. We gave the Nazi salute to a large number of German tourists who returned it not knowing we were taking the mickey. We were away for 2 weeks and it cost our parents £14. Both “Dunera“ and Dilwara” came safely through the war. We also went to Brugge and Alderney. I enclose a one year subscription, I feel it is tempting fate to take out more than a year at a time; at my age I don’t even buy long playing records any more!!

The Oldies’ Tea Dance

Ooh, lovely, Sunday tea dance and they’ll all be here today,
aches and pains forgot, and dance the afternoon away.
Foxtrots, Quicksteps, Waltzes, some are slow but some are nifty,
with memories of how it was, way back in 1950.

Norman’s in the toilet, he’s trying hard to pee,
He’s got trouble with his prostate, and he’ll likely miss the tea.
Eddy’s got a new love that he met in Thornton Heath,
She does a lovely tango, but she hasn’t any teeth.

Fred’s latest fancy footwork nearly broke his partner’s neck,
She mistook his outside swivel for a traveling contra-check.
Ida’s had her hair done, and she’s ready for the saunter,
She had hot curry for tea last night, and it’s coming back to haunt her.

Florrie’s mini skirts revealing when she’s spinning in the jive,
she really shouldn’t wear a thong approaching 85.
They’ve had their tea and cake and chat, and had a good old laugh,
and gamely rise with creaking knees to face the second half.

Norman made it back in time to dance that Rumba one.
His cucuracha’s very neat, but he’s left his fly undone.
Vera’s fallen over in a massive crimplene heap,
Bert’s got indigestion, and Mabel’s fast asleep.

Sunday Tea Dance, love it all … well apart from old Ted Coffin.
Someone really ought to tell him that his smell puts women off him.
Now it’s Last Waltz time, and up they get, for Humperdinck’s old tune,
and then, Goodbye, Good Luck, Take Care! God will see you soon.