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Flo GILLIBRAND (nee DARKE 20-26) We are sad to report the death in May 2006 of Flo who was a ‘first day girl’. Until not so long ago she attended a number of reunions.

W A “Billy” HOLMAN (23-29) We are sad to report the death of Bill Holman. Billy had attended every reunion Lunch for many, many years, with his daughter, Iona. They were a regular booking, and he had written me long and fascinating letters about his life in the Navy of which he was very proud.

Joan HOOPER (nee DENLEY 29-34) died aged 88 on 24 June 2006. We send our sincere condolences to her family. One of our longest serving TOGA members.

Husband Len HOOPER who still lives at 25 Oakymead Park, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3AN. 01626 354340. He said that they were 3 weeks from their 66th wedding anniversary. An enduring marriage indeed. Len and Joan have been members of TOGA for over 60 years. Len had been Joan’s devoted carer for many years. Some of you will also remember their sons, Leslie (54-59) who lives in East Grinstead, and their other son, the late Alan (59-61) (died 1983). Len, now an amazing 89 years old, hopes to start playing bowls again soon at Kingsteignton, if only so they can beat their rivals, Bitton Park! The funeral was conducted by Robert LOVERIDGE, his nephew, and was also attended by niece, Pat ARNOLD nee LOVERIDGE and her husband Roger ARNOLD.

Mary NUTMAN (nee STANBURY 25-31), after losing her husband, Phillip, after a year or two Mary left her beautiful house and garden in Exeter as it had become too much for her, and has moved into Churchill House, Denmark Road, Exeter. She still enjoys company and her crosswords.

Audrey WATSON (nee JONES 27-33) came across some 1932-33 team photos. Audrey will be 92 this year, still well and living in Newton Abbot with her husband, Tom. In the photos she is 18, so just leaving TGS, having started in 1925. She attended Cheltenham Ladies College and started teaching in Exeter after that. She is in the middle of the front row of the tennis team. Audrey is a second cousin of Jill Williams (nee STONE 49-56). 

In Audrey’s class at TGS were Ada JEENES (RIP), Audrey JOHNS, and herself, Audrey JONES, all in Dart House, whose names caused some confusion! She well remembers the late and affectionately remembered Mary COLLINS and the family Collins Bakery a few doors from her own parents’ shop. Her father was a signwriter and antiques dealer. She well remembers all the STANBURY girls, Mary, Gwen and Ruby, and the late Phil NUTMAN, who married Mary.(see above). Sadly, she also remembers the late Joyce BASTONE, Lily RICE and Betty PITTAWAY, but was delighted to read of Joan THOMAS(nee Stanbury) and Andy (Connie) ANDREWS nee CROYDON and Peggy BEST (nee MANN), still in good form and living in Bishopsteignton. Her best friend at TGS was Thora MARLES whose parents kept a little General Stores shop opposite. Thora married Billy SINCLAIR and Audrey was godmother to their first child Clive SINCLAIR. That little boy is now Sir Clive SINCLAIR, inventor of the various new modes of eco-friendly transport!

Peggy BEST (nee MANN 26-32). I rang Peggy to see how she was and she sounds pretty lively to me! She lives at Bishopsteignton House Residential Home, forming a formidable triumvirate with Andy Andrews and Joan Thomas. Peggy tells me that they all play Whist together. It used to be Bridge but they feel their brains are not up to that now!

My wife and I have the secret to make a marriage last. Twice a week we go to a nice restaurant, have some good food, a little wine and companionship. She goes Tuesday and I go Friday. We sleep in separate beds, hers in Sydney mine in Melbourne. I take my wife everywhere, but she keeps finding her way back. I asked her where she wanted to go for our anniversary, “somewhere I haven’t been for a long time” she replied. So I suggested the kitchen. We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops. She has an electric blender, an electric toaster, and electric bread maker. When she said that she had too many gadgets, but nowhere to sit down, I bought her an electric chair.