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Through the decades

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Billy HOLMAN (1923-29)
Now enjoying a completely new way of life having moved from “Hilbre” Thornley Drive, (Mr Paton’s former house by the seaside) to deep into the countryside.  They are surprised if 3 cars go past in a day!  His only regret is that it is now a long way for friends to visit, but Billy says it is a lovely part of the country in which to live: New address:  Craddock Farm House, Craddock, Cullompton, EX15 3LH.  Billy and his daughter, Iona, try to come to every Spring Reunion and we are always pleased to see them both. Tel: 01884 849260. ( Billy – see the entry from Dick Northcote (1930’s which may interest you and your family). Ed

Mary COLLINS (21-26)
Mary still came to the Spring Reunion as she has done for decades.  It wouldn’t be the same without her cheery smile.  Unfortunately Mary had a small stroke in June which affected her left side, and which set her back somewhat. Though walking is difficult her niece Shirley INGRAM (nee COLLINS) 46-52) and her husband, Colin, take great care of her.  She lives at Glenkealey Nursing Home, Upper Hermosa Road, Teignmouth, where she remains under the tender care of another Old Grammarian, Mrs Kristine Fitzpatrick (nee Arnot - 73-78)

George SPENCER  (died  12 July 2004, aged 99).  TGS 21-24)
When I attended the funeral, the Vicar told us that George had always said he didn’t want to live to 100, so the Good Lord must have been listening.  George had come to TGS from Totnes and at times it was necessary for him to walk home to Totnes!  He had an amazing life, coming to Exeter and becoming Head of  the School for the Deaf until he retired in 1965.  He took an Open University Degree, graduating in 1980.  He had a long and happy marriage, having one son, who sadly died in 2001, an  event from which George never really recovered.  He was a Freemason, becoming Grand Master several times in his life.  He said that the Masons supported him when his wife died and again when he lost his son.  Many Masons and retired policemen were at his funeral. Robin OSBORN had been a regular visitor to George .  Both Kate Force (nee McLees)  and I visited him before he went into  Cadogan Court in Exeter and he was always delighted to read his TOGA NEWS, even though little of it was from his era.  Though he had great difficulty with his mobility, and latterly deafness, he was a perfect gentleman, always interested and so interesting.  Over the past few years he had recommenced his school friendship with Mary COLLINS (1921-26) as both of them were prolific letter writers.

Richard MITCHELL (1923-30) Died 18 July 2004 aged 92)
Richard Mitchell joined TOGA through his niece and TOGA Committee member, Barbara GILBERTSON (nee Mitchell (58-63).  He wrote to say that he was delighted that he had made contact again, after many years, with George WELFORD (20’s) who now lives in a home in Mallow, Co Cork.  SO you are never too old to join TOGA! He leaves a widow, Joan and we extend our condolences to her and to Barbara and the family.    He was the brother of John MITCHELL.

Dr Philip NUTMAN (26-32)
Died 4 June 2004 aged  92.  Philip died after a short illness and a long and happy marriage, and had been a familiar tall figure, with his wife, Mary (nee STANBURY 25-31), shopping in the Magdalen Road village shops, in Exeter.  Philip was a Biochemist who was Head of Research at Rothampsted Experimental Station, in Harpenden for 40 years.  All his three children are scientists living overseas.  Mary is 91 and a delight to talk to in spite of her loss after such a long marriage.  When we spoke she was expecting some more of  her family to stay, including a great-grandson of 17 and two granddaughters Emily who is 7 and Ruby who is just one!  She doesn’t think there can be many grandparents of 91 who have a grandchild of one!  We send our condolences to Mary and her family and hope she keeps well and can manage her beautiful but large garden.  Mary lives at Melbury, Hensleigh Drive, Exeter. 01392 276877. 

GEORGE BUNN (25-30) was born in County Cork, Ireland on 2nd. September 1913. He went to Teignmouth Grammar School whilst his parents were living at Bishopsteignton, travelling in each day, sometimes walking each way to save the 'bus fare.  George fondly remembered the attention that Mr Silverston gave to his education, and was convinced that this upbringing was the prime factor in him becoming a successful Civil Engineer. Only later did his parents admit to him that Mr Silverston had first visited them to get their sanction for pushing him so hard at school.  George was apprenticed to BTH (British Thompson Houston) in Rugby, where he qualified. He was engaged primarily with the installation of turbines, work that often took him abroad.  He spent several years with Stal-Laval Turbines in Sweden.  Following the death of his wife in 1991 he moved from Northiam in East Sussex back to Teignmouth. George Bunn died in September, shortly after his 90th birthday.  Sent to us by the son of George’s dear friend, Peggy Best

Len and Joan HOOPER (nee Denley) (29-34)  
Len and Joan, married for 63 years now, enjoy  living in their comfortable park home at 25 Oakymead Park, Kingsteignton. 01626 354340.  They are both 87 years old now.  They have a grandaughter getting married in East Grinstead later this year, but the journey would be a bit too much for them.  Len asks if anyone can tell him if  Fred HELMORE, aged 90, whose father was a Coastguard, is still alive and where he lives.  As children they lived next door to each other and Len has lost touch.  Do let Len know if you can help.  TGS produced some long-lasting enduring marriages didn’t they?


Dr Norman RIDER (33-40) contacted me very recently as he wished to join TOGA and to know more about the Association.  Norman lives at “Jarrah” Tilehurst Lane, Binfield, BRACKNELL, Berks, RG42 5JS, Tel: 01344 425319.  It is hoped that Norman will send me news of his life since TGS in time to go to print.  Norman went to UCSW after leaving school, followed by a spell in the Navy, eventually he joined the Met Office at Bracknell, travelling the world and becoming the Deputy Director until his retirement in 1982.  He comes to Salcombe on holiday and visits friends in Bishopsteignton and his old haunts at Teignmouth, as well as looking up old colleagues at the new Met office in Exeter.  He asked after Pauline SEATON nee ROSE (35-41) and  Mollie Walker nee PHILLIPS (31-37), Brynley PHILLIPS (33-38), John McCARTHY (31-36), Derek METHERELL (32-38), Rupert EXTENCE (33-39), John FLOYD (35-42).

His sister, Marjorie nee RIDER  is married and lives in Welwyn.  Pauline SEATON (nee ROSE) who married Jimmy SEATON (RIP) remembers Marjorie as her tennis partner.  She would like to talk to Norman and Marjorie again.

Anne DAVIES (née BOWEN) (1939-45) 
124 Ruden Way, EPSOM, KT17 3LP.  Anne  received by post copies of TOGA news for 2001 and 2002 from a friend in Dawlish who thought that maybe she would find them interesting.  Several wet hankies later she put them down with her mind racing with chaotic memories.  Her friend is Sylvia FORROW  (née Wreford) (39-44) of West Summerlands in Dawlish and they were at TGS together from 1939 to 1945.  Anne has lived in Surrey since 1958, with husband Jim and two children Ian and Jane.  They in turn have two boys each.   After leaving TGS in 1945 she was with the Ministry of Labour & National Service both in the Exeter and Torquay Offices.  She then worked in Dawlish for Sampsons Estate Agent and Auctioneer (Phillip Dashwood) until marriage in 1952.  Husband Jim was with The Sudan Railways in Khartoum and Port Sudan, the country was governed by Britain and Egypt then until they took independence in 1955.  On return to England they moved to Surrey and put  roots down there. However Dawlish, continues to tug at the heart, and she still fondly recalls her life there.

Her brother GRAHAM BOWEN (1935-1940)
is not in very good health,  but Anne could pass him any  messages.

Derek (Dick) NORTHCOTE (1936-42)  - 40 Arno Road, Oxton, Wirral, CH43 5UX.
Email: derbreen at   
Started at TGS aged 10 having passed his scholarship.  On leaving school he served an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering in Liverpool and on completion sailed as Engineering Officer with Blue Funnel Line, running to Australia and the Far East.  In 1952 he took up an appointment with Straits Steamship Co. of Singapore as Asst. Eng. Supt.  In 1953 his fiancée flew out to join him and they married in Penang in the October of that year.  Returned to the UK in 1956 and took up a similar position with a London company.  In 1968, due to the demise of shipping, he moved to Cammel Laird of Birkenhead as Manager, then Technical Director.  He now lives in retirement on the Wirral.  He remembers contemporaries Derek COLE and his wife Elwyn nee BROOKS (36-42), also Wing Commander Ian HAWKINS (36-41). He has made contact with several of the the Haberdasher girls through Friends Reunited - Ida CONSTANTINE, Madge GIBSON and Daisy SMITH.   He had hoped to meet up with Connie Morris  (nee LISTON) (39-40) on a visit back to Teignmouth. Whilst there  he knocked on the door of 4 Bickford Lane where Connie was billeted with a Mrs Broom and the gentleman there remembered Mrs Broom.  Dick remembers his parents being very friendly with Miss Katie Bruster (Maths).  He didn’t know that Barney Paton’s former house was called “Hilbre”, but Mr Paton came from the Wirral and Hilbre is a little island off the coast of Wirral. (Until recently lived in by Billy Holman’s family (see 1920’s)

He remembers Mr Jack Price (Music) living in Haldon Avenue on the right hand side, being organist at St Michael’s Church.  He says they used to go to school through a handy little shortcut up past the allotments at the bottom of Buckeridge Road and through a gap in the hedge, although this was forbidden by Mr Silverston.  The boys felt this to be very unfair as the Head whizzed past in his 1938 Morris 8 reg number EUO 388 to school!
What a memory!  Mind you, I can remember Miss Preedy’s little red Standard 10 (convertible!!) DUO 301.  The roof leaked, two Scottie dogs (Holly and ?)  would be in the back with those of us girls who were being taken to a netball match or whatever.  The girl in the front seat escaped death by doglick, not so those of us in the cramped back seat!!  Bet that will jog a few memories.  Kate Force (nee McLees) , Beryl Orpin (nee Whitton), Dilys Evans, Janet Applegate et al?Ed.)     He  would love to know if anyone has any news of Tony Hill, George Colson, Bob Nethercott, Stanley (Bunter) Mortimore or Cliff Southerton.

Eileen and Jim STOWERS (née WESTLAKE) (1936-41) Westower, Barnsley Close, Teignmouth, TQ14 8PW.
Their grandson is Matt Stowers who returned to a great deal lot of coverage in the local press last autumn as he  and his intrepid colleague undertook an epic trip rowing across the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Barbados, which unfortunately had to be aborted so near from the finish, when bad  weather damaged the boat.  An amazing achievement nevertheless.

David St John THOMAS (39-42) and his wife Shelagh (nee TWEMLOW) (44-48) are very much alive and well and have been extraordinarily busy.  David has published his latest travel book, Journey Through Britain: Landscapes, People and Books. They launched the book at Teignmouth in May and the very successful event was attended by so many Old Grammarians that David reports it as a mini TOGA reunion!  The book has met with critical acclaim because of his breadth of exploration and depth  of information about the railways. Described by the publisher as “engaging, entertaining and eminently readable”, because of initial enthusiastic response the print order has been increased twice.  Sheila thinks this is because of her brilliant sub-editing!

The 700-page, 16 page illustration volume is published in hardback by London publisher, Frances Lincoln,  and is offered to all TOGA members at a discount price of  £17.99 (includes post and packing).  David will autograph each copy if requested.  See the separate advertisement which can be used to order.
David and Sheila spent three years travelling all over Britain and renewing old friendships and meeting new people as he researched this travel book.   Even more exciting is news that in January 2005  they are off to travel around  Australia on more research and  will be accompanied by Margaret (Haggis) WOODS nee SANDERS (46-53) and her husband,  who live in Minlaton, S Australia.   David’s son is launching a New Zealand and Australian edition so they are all off to travel on the world’s newest railway, Adelaide –Alice Springs route through to Darwin.  They will fulfil one of David’s dreams, to hire a special historic coach which sleeps three couples only.  Neither Sheila nor David have met Margaret since she left TGS but she writes for writers’ magazines which were owned by David at one time, and she has been helpful in supplying Australian railway information.  The launch is in Sydney, then they join QE2 for a trip to Hong Kong.

David and Sheila live in Inverwick House, Nairn, IV12 4HE, tel: 01667 455050, email Inverwick at Although they frequently visit Devon they have not managed to get to a reunion together.  Not content with merely accompanying  David on all his research  trips, Sheila helped edit the 300,000 “ thing”!  Order form towards the back.

A prospective new member is Mrs Frances ISAAC nee GRIFFITHS,( 39-42) Golden Mist, Whitford, Nr Axminster.

BRUCE SUTTON ( 31-37) 
Bruce died at the age of 83.  Many tributes were paid to this former sailor who helped bring home thousands of soldiers from the Dunkirk beaches in 1940.   He grew up in Shaldon, joining the Navy in 1939.  He served on The Medway Queen until after it became a minesweeper, ending his war aboard a motor torpedo boat which was in Venice when the war ended.  He kept a lifelong interest in Medway Queen and in spite of a severe stroke in 1960s, still managed to visit Chatham where it is being restored.  He settled in Exeter, becoming a scientific glass blower at Exeter University.  He maintained his love of sailing, regularly crewing the Chinese junk moored at Exeter Maritime Museum before it was closed.

Ron BIRCH (1931-37) 
Sadly Ron died in March 2004.  He had been married to Audrey (nee CHURCHILL) for over 50 years.  Audrey tells me that he was born in Totnes and the family came to Teignmouth in 1931.  He was at TGS till 1937, joining the Civil Service and serving in County Court offices in London, Cheltenham and Exeter, from where he retired as Chief Clerk in 1981.  He had joined the Army in 1939, later transferring to the RAF, serving as a pilot in N America, UK and Malta.  Ron and Audrey married in 1949.  He had been a founder member of TOGA Tennis  and Badminton Club  which together with the Table Tennis Club seemed to become an unoffical marriage bureau, as a source of many TOGA marriages.  The attraction for the men was that the club members were mostly girls, of course, as then many men were still away!!  Audrey is still living at 13 Buckerell Avenue, Exeter, but expects to move to a smaller home in Topsham very shortly.



ALAN TAYLOR (42-45)  I contacted Alan on Friends Reunited and a story unknown to me has unfolded through our consequent emails.  Alan was one of a contingent of Jewish boys evacuated to Teignmouth.  He says:  It was great hearing from you as a result of posting my name on Friends Reunited.  I only remember a few of the names. In our group there was Arthur FRANKS, Gerald GREENBERG, Shimon LEVY.  He remembers the late John GILPIN, the ballet dancer. Alan says,  I have had a varied and chequered life since leaving TGS.  I had training in music served in the RAF, trained as an optometrist, working in hospitals and private practice for some 20 years in London .  We eventually emigrated to Israel with my family in 1973.  We settled in the Holy City of Jerusalem, and I continued in optometry and played music for festive occasions.  Now I work part-time only at the age of 73!.  All my children and uncountable grandchildren live nearby.  Since part retiring I have spent the past 2 years writing my autobiography which is undergoing intensive editing.  I enclose my description of my time at TGS: 

These are his thoughts.: Teignmouth Grammar school was well designed. A one-storey complex of buildings spread out over a wide area with plenty of playing field space. The headmaster was a Mr. Silverston, who was reputed to have been an apostate Jew. Certainly he never let on about his origins. Be that as it may, the influx of a handful of Jewish boys from the hostels was welcomed, and we never detected any signs of anti-Semitism. One of our boys, slightly older than us, was already in the second year. This was Gerald (Yehoshua) RikayseN. He eventually became a professor at the Sussex University , There were five of us in the 1st year, and we always took the first five places when it came to end-of-term exam results. I myself never made it to first place, but I did achieve 2nd in class on one occasion. This was surprising because I was never one to enter into the competitive spirit of anything – neither then nor since.   One of our outstanding fellow pupils from our hostel was the German refugee, CHANAN. He started learning English when he came to England and became top of the class in the English language. He wrote beautiful prose, and very delightful humorous poetry. In the first year, among all the other subjects, we had to learn Latin. In those days, Latin was used in the Catholic Church, and knowledge of Latin was thought to be essential for physicians, who used to write their prescriptions in this language. We were fond of reciting the jingle:


    “Latin is a language,     As dead as dead can be.

     It killed the ancient Romans,  And now it’s killing me!”


According to the exam results after the 1st year, you were allowed to drop Latin if you wanted to specialize in the sciences. This I chose to do gladly. Very soon after, Latin was dropped universally as a compulsory subject, and the oft-repeated statement that physicians need Latin to pursue their profession was proved to be a myth.  When the occasion warranted, the headmaster used to assemble all the pupils in the assembly hall. On one occasion he reported on the allied invasion of Nazi occupied Europe , and another occasion when the horrors of the Holocaust first came to light.  This must have been very traumatic for our German Jewish refugee pupils whose parents they had left behind may have become victims.


I left school and the hostel in late 1944 and returned to live with my parents in Nottingham . The madrichim (including my brother) at the hostel were called up one by one to fight in the War. The hostel was disbanded a few years later. Since then, I have, from time to time, either been in contact, or by chance run into some of my old hostel friends. Many of them subsequently went on aliyah and settled in Israel .


In 1948, when I was aged 17, prior to being called up for National Service, my brother Frank Taylor and I made a motoring tour through Devon and Cornwall , as far as Lands End. On the way, we stopped off at Teignmouth, and visited my old Grammar School. Even though it was during school vacation time we were enthusiastically greeted and entertained by the now ageing geography master (Mr Paton). He expressed his fond memories of the time when the Jewish boys had been his pupils.  Email: alanb at but he doubts anyone will remember him!  Most people say that!


Rev Vivienne AGGETT (45-51).  It was a wonderful surprise to see Vivienne’s name on the guest list for the Spring reunion in April.  She came with her sister Noreen MARDON (35-40).  This lady  is one bundle of energy and the room rang with mirth wherever she was.  Some of us had not seen her for 50 years, but years fell away back to when she played in goal at hockey for the school and Exe House.  Vivienne has lived many years in Batsi, Andros  in Greece .  She told us that when she was 50 she walked 50 miles, for three charities,  when she was 60 she walked 60 miles, but for her 70th she visited 70 churches and raised £1200!  Heaven knows what she’ll do for her 80th!!   Preach 80 sermons maybe!  Her email is: aggett at .


Peter DAWTON ( 41-45) Hostel Boy:  Peter still hopes to comes to another reunion.  He kindly took the trouble to phone after he received his TOGA NEWS last year to say that it was “brilliant as ever – a magnificent job..”.  Glad you enjoyed it Peter.  The dates for next  two reunions are here, so perhaps you will make it soon.  Skip SKERRETT (Hostel Boy) comes to every one and another Hostel Boy, “Fred” Douglas FARNHAM has threatened to return!


Ted FICE (48-53)  Ted’s father was a policeman who, after just three years at Teignmouth, was moved to Kingsbridge in the South Hams.  He achieved poor results in GCSE Exams at Teignmouth, due in some part, to being absent for six weeks with chicken pox. (Most of us only managed to swing 2 weeks, Ted!)   As he was still only 16,  joined the Fifth Year at Kingsbridge Grammar School in September 1953 and was able to study for GCSE ‘O' Levels for another year.  Left Kingsbridge Grammar School with 7 ‘O' Levels and joined Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) at Weybridge in Surrey as an Engineering Apprentice.  Apart from 2 years National Service in RAF, worked at Weybridge for 34 years. Married in 1960 and had 3 children.  Currently have five grandchildren, No. 5 born late December 2003.


After training as a Technical Illustrator and following National Service, worked on producing servicing manuals for the TSR2 low-level bomber.  Also produced sales material for TSR2 and Jaguar military aircraft.  Was promoted to head up a newly formed Graphics Group in the Printing Department.  The group designed and produced sales slides, leaflets and brochures for the Jaguar, Tornado, BAC One-Eleven and BAe 146 passenger aircraft, BAe Hawk Military Trainer and Concorde.   Promoted to manager of the Graphics, Photographic and Printing Department in early 1980s. By 1989, Weybridge Site was part of British Aerospace and was closed down.  Was offered an appointment at another BAe site, but took redundancy and joined AIM Aviation (Fliteform) at Heathrow.  This company designed and produced aircraft furnishings.  In 1998, a few years after production had been moved to Derbyshire, the design office was also relocated there.  Again took redundancy, but continued to work for the company at home as a sub-contractor, producing their publications on a PC.  Retired in November 2002.  Email: ted.fice at  


Janice JONES (Nee WATKINS) (1947-54) – new email address janjones at    Worked for a while at Teignmouth Council – bosses were Donald Sharp, Terry Lee-Edwards (Elizabeth Gilbert’s father) and Mr Tucker (father of Jim, Ged, Jean etc).   Now living in Canada near Winnipeg where spring is a messy puddley affair.  The rivers rise rapidly and some roads and houses flood.  Winnipeg has had several massive floods in the past and after the Big One in 1950 they built a floodway to divert water around the city.  This was greeted with some derision and nicknamed “Duff’s Ditch” after the provincial premier Dufferin Roblin who was in power at the time.  However when flooding threatened again in 1997 the surrounding area flooded from 50 miles north of Winnipeg to the State of North Dakota for over 100 miles.  Duff’s Ditch suddenly became famous for saving the city!    When heavy rain combines with warm weather and the fact that the land is still too frozen to absorb the melting snow the flood gates are raised diverting river water into the floodway.  Quite a sight to see low, frozen rivers suddenly rise by 15’ while huge chunks of ice clink and tinkle along, sometimes bearing park benches, fallen trees, whole ice hockey rinks and so on!  One morning in April this year was awoken at 7.15am with a phone call from Brian MALLETT!  It must be at least 54 years since they last spoke and despite talking for ages still have a lot of catching up to do.  Brian will be visiting in June en route for the UK .  She has also been in touch with Janet SHIELDS (nee WESTERN) (48-53)  Would like to pass her best wishes to Joan (Hamlyn) Guppy and says she owes letters to Brian Mallett and Geraldine LENNARD (nee HOOK)  Enjoyed seeing the photos in the Newsletter despite having to get her magnifying glass out.  A few familiar faces but couldn’t put names to them.  One who hasn’t changed a scrap is Betty SKELLY (nee COOMBES) (48-54) – knew her right away.   Janice would like to know if anyone knows what happened to the BYROMS – Norma and Jim? (Norma came to reunions but sadly died about 10 years ago.  Anyone know about Jimmy?  If so, please let Janice know)  They went to Kenya back in the bad times (50s).  She knows Jim was a tracker for the army or police during the Mau Mau uprising and remembers people talking about Norma carrying a gun everywhere she went.  Scary times.  She wonders if they stayed there or left once the government changed.  How about a TOGA website?  She’s not offering to be webmaster, but maybe someone would be interested?    New address:  26-22 Windmill Way, WINNIPEG , MB , Canada , R3R 3A1


Brian MALLETT (1948-55) – has moved to 2/39 Edyth Street , Corrimal , New South Wales , 2518 on the salubrious south coast, 40 miles from Sydney – endless beaches, lagoons, wild duck and a few old ducks!  Met up with Janice JONES (nee WATKINS) in Winnipeg in June on his Canadian odyssey/.  Great to meet up after 50 years!  He had a 2-day stopover whilst on a 2-week coast-to-coast tour.  Both Janice and Brian want the Committee to know that they think we do a fantastic job keeping OGs in touch.  Australia   and Canada seem short on rich little old widow ladies, but hope springs eternal!  He hopes all OGs are well!  Note from Ed:  Get yourself an email address Brian.  You’ll get jokes from Ted Fice and Bill Gallin then. (and maybe a rich little widow woman!)


Janet SHIELDS (née WESTERN) (48-50 )I was absolutely delighted to find a Janet Shields had joined Friends Reunited and so when I contacted her via that website, found she was our longlost Janet Western!  Many long emails later here is some of her past history in a nutshell. Ed.

 After a couple of years at TGS she took an audition and went to the Italia Conti Stage School in London .  Then went on the stage and while in pantomime met her first husband, Gordon.  They lived in Salford and had two sons, Gary and Stephen, and later fostered a little girl, Joanne.  Her sons now live in Southend on Sea and Chatham .  Divorced after 20 years of marriage.  While on holiday in Canada she met her second husband, Steve.  Emigrated to Canada in 1977 to get married.  From school days she remembers Betty COOMBES, Juliet BOND, Mary MILTON , Jill PORCH, Lesley BUTT,  Barbara TWEMLOW.  Can’t remember the boys but had a mad crush on Mr A A Smith. Remembers Brian Mallett.  Also remembers Valerie ROYAL nee Sessions.  She has lost Juliet’s address and hopes she can email her and anyone else who remembers her.  She still hears from Jill  GAGG (nee PORCH) and met up with her three years ago.  Janet’s theatrical career began with Jill, as her auntie ran the ‘Teignmouth Follies’ made up of all children, which they both belonged to along with Valerie’s brother, Christopher SESSIONS.  They went round all the old folks homes in the villages with their little shows.  She has now retired but does some volunteer work for the Canadian Legion in the kitchen of the café they hold once a week.  She still does amateur theatre.  She hopes to come over to the UK later in the year as her 2 sons live in the South of England. Email: shieldsj99 at


Maurice CODD (1948-54) –  Has moved to a new address 29 Broadstone Park Road , Livermead, Torquay , TQ2 6TZ ..  Have you got email Maurice? 


Ruth SMITH nee LAIDMAN (45-52) asks if anyone else lnows where  Joan PARKIN might be.  Ruth thought she married a Scots Guard and  later went to live in Australia .  She would love to make contact again if anyone can help.


Alison CONTE nee McLEES (48-50) lives in USA .  She has just become a great grandparent for the first time!  Alison’s email: alison at


Jill WILLIAMS (née STONE) (1949-56) – Oncidium, Longburton, Sherborne, Dorset , DT9 5PG .  Was glad to have attended the 2000 reunion, lovely to see everybody again.  Has made contact with Shelagh Connelly who has promised to send photos etc, and also with Angela Wareham – by letter and phone, as when she gets to Teignmouth she has to spend it with family, Mum, sister Patricia, brother Roger so hasn’t had time to meet up yet.  She promises news of them all including Vivienne STONE.  Sends her regards to Kate FORCE nee McLEES. 


Dereen (formerly Doreen) TONKIN ( née MOUNTAIN )  (1944-52)  - changed her name at the age of 50 as she’d never really liked it!   After 8 years of widowhood remarried to Ted 18 months ago, but still hasn’t got round to changing her surname from Tonkin to Duley! 


Juliet STUBBINGS (née BOND) (1948-55) She’s still singing and telling jokes and has a new email address –  juliet.stubbings at


John GAMMON (1947-54)  Joined TOGA through Friends Reunited.  John lives at Tamarix, 41B New Road , Blakeney, Holt, Norfolk , NR25 7PA .  Enjoyed reading TOGA News and remembered many names once he’d read them!  A new member joined through Friends Reunited, Reg Pearce (47-54) who remembered John “Streaky”, could that be you?  Email: susan at  Tel: 01263 740437.


Louis WHITTON (1944-50) – Staddon, 13 Muzzle Patch, Tibberton, Gloucestershire , GL2 8EE .  Has had copies made of school photos including the ’48 photo in which he was in the next rear row, 5th from left with a tie that was a birthday present!


Beryl ORPIN (nee WHITTON 48-53) moved to Spain last year and now sister Sylvie has also moved out to the same area.  Am waiting to hear from them as to how life is treating them.  Can’t be bad. Get Email BEANO! M


William GALLIN  (1948-54) new email address  billgallin at  Had been having trouble with his previous email which is probably why he hasn’t been flooded with messages from long-lost friends!  Has seen almost no-one from school for year – but as he is in a bit of a time warp can remember quite a lot.  Bumped into Maurice WHITE and his wife,  Peggy (nee GALE) (49-55) in 2002 and also Valerie LARGE (nee Martin.)   Do come to a reunion Bill. T’would be a gas!


Ted (1944-47) and Gloria (née DAY) (1943-48) PHILLIPS – 6 Almond Close, Bedhampton, Havant, Hants , PO9 3LP .  These two came to a mini reunion given by Audrey MATTHEWS nee FORD (44-50), met up with old friends including Maureen CHICK nee HAMLIN (44-48)  They had intended to come to the Spring Reunion in April bringing Beryl GRAY (nee ADAMS), but Gloria succumbed to a dreaded chest virus which caused them to cancel.  Maybe they will make it on 9th April next  year.  Both of them say they thoroughly enjoyed reading their TOGA NEWS, their first one, and will be fighting to read it first again this year!  Ted asked about Gerald STROWBRIDGE as they had lived next door to each other as children. I hope you are both in touch again.


Gerald STROWBRIDGE  (43-49) attended his first TOGA reunion with his wife in October 2003.  It was very good to see him after so many years and he has hardly changed, no grey hair!!  How do some people manage it?  He was able to link up with former colleagues, David Cornelius, John Crump, Jean and Ged Tucker and many others.


Judith SPELMAN (née THEOBALD) (1948-54)49 Queen’s Street, Stamford , Lincolnshire , PE9 1QS . 49 Queen’s Street, Stamford , Lincolnshire , PE9 1QS .   Started in journalism while living in Canada working as researcher/ assistant to the Literary Editor of the Montreal Star.  Had always written – for the TGS magazine, college magazine and educational magazines but at some time had to bite the bullet and do it professionally!   Returned to England and worked for David Thomas at David & Charles. Because they are based in Devon, became their ‘girl in London’ doing a variety of things including editing, publicity, selling rights, working with authors and overseas publishers, and spending a lot of time at book fairs.   It was too good to last so went on to work on local newspapers in Hertfordshire and Essex. At one time was editor for 5 free weekly advertising papers in the area, organising 4 journalists and 2 photographers.


On re-marriage suffered terrible writer’s block and for 10 years could not string any words together that had any style or sense. When the split came began freelance writing. Given the job of lead story writer profiling a top author for Writers’ News and Writing Magazine and started a house journal for employees of a leading British cereal manufacturer.  Wrote features for national magazines including several Emap titles – Choice, Yours, Your Cat  – and IPC – Me, Best, Chat, Woman’s Weekly as well as one-offs for Garden Answers, Garden News and various country and trade titles. For example, a feature on the watercolours owned by Eton College for the Strutt and Parker magazine, the pro’s and con’s of Sunday trading for Goldlife, a profile of David Steel when he was head of the Countryside Alliance for one of the country titles, a feature on the World Conker championships. For a time she worked on the Peterborough Evening Telegraph and Stamford Mercury doing general reporting and reviews of music and ballet. More recently she produced a yearly newsletter for a training company.


Now not so frenetic.  Still does the cereal company’s journal and the writers’ magazines, and occasional property and people profiles. When visiting her son in the Far East tries to get a commission from a travel editor and will usually have a go at anything offered by anyone. If you are a journalist you can usually turn your hand to most things, she says.


Has written four books on local subjects which were published by national publishing houses and now immersed in a novel which is contemporary and, a bit literary…   Gets to Devon two or three times a year and hopes to come to a reunion again soon.  She managed to come down for a mini reunion to meet up with Dilys EVANS (47-53) who visited Teignmouth in June.


Dilys EVANS (47-53)  managed to make it back to the UK in May/June for a short visit.  She stayed with Tony (45-52) and Maureen CUTTING before coming down to Teignmouth for a week.  Great sessions were held with Margo CRISPIN nee SHELLEY, Roger MILTON,  then 12 of us met at Cockhaven Manor Hotel for a long, noisy, gossipy reminiscence lunch as some of us had not seen Dilys for 50 years.  Those who managed to attend were:  Margo CRISPIN, MARY SELDON nee CURTICE, Shirley NORTH nee SILVERSTON, Anne HINKINS nee HIRONS, Pat PRINCE nee MARKHAM , Judith SPELMAN nee THEOBALD, Josephine GILBERT nee WILCOX, Ann BRANSON nee LYNN ,  Mary THOMAS nee POWER, Margie CHANEY (nee FOSTER) .  Valerie TOOLEY nee BLACKMORE was unable to come at the last minute.  We reckon the photos look like an OAPs Ladies Day Out (…which of course, it was!! (apart from the ultra glamorous Judith Spelman,  that is!)  It was lovely to be childish and silly and laugh at such a load of nonsense and “Do you remembers…”  As usual the Cockhaven Manor Hotel staff were attentive and the food was delicious.  Dilys retains her slim whippet-like figure meanwhile the rest of us… just a tad less sylphlike than in 1953 perhaps?  Dilys’ email:  DILYSDEFI at


Mary Thomas (nee Power) (48-54):  NEW email: marythomas at .  Continues to work with Kate FORCE (nee McLEES) as part of Kate’s Locum Medical Secretary Team, as well as working for the RC Diocesan Tribunal 2 days a week. Spare time taken up with family,TOGA, gardening, visiting grandchildren.  Spare time…what’s that?


Maurice CRIDDLE (1943-48) – 2 Hillside Close, Teignmouth , TQ14 9XE .  Good to see Maurice at the reunion again.


Mike and Audrey CONNELLY (nee SMALL) 48-54 and 47-53:  Email : mikeconnelly at


Audrey GUEST nee BOYCE (48-53) still living in La Ligne,17240 Mosnac , France .  Audrey, if you have email please could you get in touch and let us know in case our year have another reunion.


Ruth FINCH nee NORTHCOTT (48-54) lives at  12 Rosyl Avenue , Holcombe, Nr Dawlish. We hope you have had a better year, Ruth.


Jeannette LOWE nee AYLWIN (48-55)  hasn’t had the best of health for a few years now, but is delighted to have a first grand-daughter, Abigail, who is 9 months old.  She is a constant delight to Jeannie and her husband as her daughter had been told she would never be able to have children.  Jeannie meets Mary SELDON (nee CURTICE 47-53) when she is on one her regular visits to Torbay Hospital where Mary works.  Jeannie lives at 53 Hookhills Road , Paignton , TQ4 7LR , tel: 01803 844305.


Irwen JACKSON (née QUANTICK) (1949-54) – Style Hurst, Smith Hill, Bishopsteignton.  Regularly to be heard on Radio Devon entering quiz programmes and generally joining in.


Mike Towler (1943-48)  Was very saddened to read of the death of Joan GOODING who was a classmate.  They both lived in Shaldon and sometimes went swimming together in a party.  He always remembers her birthday was September 10th, 2 days after his own.?   Reading TOGA NEWS stimulated his memory by some of the names, Ken COUNTER, Winifred BACK, Gwyneth TAVERNER, Ann GLENTON, David St John THOMAS were in his class. Also remembers Joan Hill, Tony Beare, Nicholls, Ferris, Gerald Sandles, Corp (RIP), Duncan (RIP) and Maclean.  He played football in the school team with Jed Tucker.    The names Betty Clark and Barbara Sing are also familiar, but where is the third name associated with them? He refers to Pam Beare and remembers them singing "Three Little Maids Are We" in the Eisteddfod. Email: miketowler at


Doreen KELLEY (née BRADS) (1946-50)  - doreenkelley at


Ray NORSWORTHY (1945-51) –  ray.norsworthy at as this is a broadband connection both his phone and fax will now be 01253 737151.  Came to Teignmouth for the Christening of a Great Niece last year.  Has been elected to Fylde Borough Council and is amazed how much time it takes up – seems to spend two hours a day just reading.  However it keeps him active now that he has reached his three score years and ten.  If anyone is going to Fylde and wants any information – give him a ring. (The Fylde covers Lytham St Annes and the agricultural belt between Blackpool and Preston – but not covering Blackpool or Preston )


Peter TRIST  (1949-56) - 1 Kennerley Avenue , Whipton, Exeter .  Tel. 01392 466629.   Remembers Derek COLE playing a cricket match against the old boys with a six over the walnut tree!  Closest friends at school were Dave Jackman and Brian Noxon – both sons of Customs and Excise Officers.  Both Peter and Dave started their working lives as Customs and Excise Officers in Rhodesia in 1956, where David married an attractive South African girl and had a son.  Peter was glad to renew his acquaintance with David’s family on returning to Devon after 25 years (2 in Africa the rest in Bristol , London and Bristol again).  Sadly, David JACKMAN died at a young age.  We have been asked about Pete’s whereabouts many times, so here he is.  peter.trist at


David CORNELIUS (1943-50) david at  was sorry to miss the Spring Lunch but was on a short spring cruise with friends through the Dutch bulbfields.  Met up with Gerald STROWBRIDGE again after many years, though, in October.


JIM (Frederick ) TUCKER (1940-47) offers help with captions for the staff photo on page 18 of the 2003 Newsletter:  The gentleman to the right of Barny Paton is Mr Moore (known as Beery Moore ), due to his wont to visit the pub for lunch).  He taught woodwork – an excellent carpenter but easily lost his rag especially after lunch!!  Mr Moss is the second from the right with the glasses next to Mr Wheeler.  Could the lady third from the left next to Pete Evans be Miss King, the Maths teacher?  On page 12, Rod HUNT (60-68) wants to know what happened to Jim Tucker.  The name doesn’t ring any bells – could there have been another Jim Tucker in the 60s?  Thanks to all of you who wrote and told me about Mr Moore and his unfortunate nickname!!


Bryan STEED  (1945-50) 26 Ector Road , London , SE6 1RU . email:  grandadrupert at  Incorrect email printed last year.  Ed.


Peter BOW  (1942-49) Asks for a copy of the latest TOGA DIRECTORY (members’ list )and comments that John “Bally” BALLANTYNE was not only his friend, but a great rival in VI Sc each trying to better the other.  Also principal competition for Head Boy.  John did better in exams while Peter did better in Eisteddfod matters – in particular the on-stage Science quiz.  He says John was a very clever writer and humorist particularly some of his contributions to the school magazine.  He was particularly good at puns when outlining characters in the VI form.  Shortly after Charlie Graham broke his leg on the top football field John wrote that “a leg of grey ham is reported to be on the mend”.  Charlie was playing right wing on the top edge of the field and Peter was doing linesman duty on the opposite side line and heard the awful crack even from that distance.  Peter is still astounded that Charlie is Chairman of TOGA after all these years – he took over from Peter in January 1967 – 36 years ago – which must be a record for any Chairman of anything – more than half his present lifetime!  Peter had a message from Viv Wilson who gave a talk to TOGA a few years ago.  The message began “you won’t guess who’s sitting beside me ….”  it turned out to be Sheila Skinner.  He has also had an email from Peter Rainsford.  He has remembered the name of buttoneering maths teacher – Miss King – fairly sure the initial was B.   bow at


John MORRIS  (1949-56) In spite of (or even because of) moving away from Devon , names and events from TGS days mean a lot.  Glad to hear that Ray Srodzinski has been tracked down.  Any news of David Jackman (or Peter Trist who both went to Rhodesia on leaving school, or Brian Noxon who went to Australia ? (Note from the Editor:  See above in this section!)   He can identify some faces in the photos on page 18.  In the lower left picture he is at top left.  Ann Bevan between Shelagh Connelly and Audrey Broom; and believes the lady between Mrs Jones and Miss Brice was a friend of the Jones’ who went along.  This group is only half the total party.  Can still savour the coffee and croissants on Basel station!  Incidentally the 1955 School Mag has a photo of prefects which shows Ann Bevan but he’s pretty sure the caption has switched Ann Bevan and Frieda Giebermann.  In the 1954 1st XI photo he would say its Smeed next to Jonah; the next he doesn’t know; then David Marshall next to Pethick.  Doesn’t know the next one and the next is probably Robin Goodfellow not  the late John Wilcox.  At the far right under Sid is Brian NoxonDo you have email, John. Ed


John has some photos which the newsletter could use – prefects 1955-56 and a “Le Médecin Malgre Lui” costume photo from 1954/5.    He has heard that Roly is in a nursing home and wonders if his wife is with him?  He would like to write but wants to be sure how things are as they received him and Jean so warmly when they called at their house about 4 years ago.  (Editor’s note:  see Staff news). Yes, Roly loves a letter and a visit.


(Year of 48-55) David Sankey, Peter Taylor, Flukey Powell, Betty Coombes, Valerie Sessions, Jenny Oke, Ann Downie, Darlene Hosking,Bill Baker,Maurice Codd, Ruth Northcott, Audrey Boyce, Shelagh Wilson, Lesley Butt, Judy Shrubsole,Beryl Whitton, Betty Willcocks, Robin Robertson, Mike Hobbs, Juliet Bond, Ray Szrod, Brian Towler,  and all.  What are you up to?  Travels, News,?  How about sending me some news for next year’s NEWS? 


Chris WEBB (née HAMLYN)  (1947-54)  After going to college to train as a teacher she found she didn’t like it after all.  After trying several different careers she went to work at Royal Western Counties Hospital at Starcross and enjoyed the work.  She then moved to Newton Abbot Hospital in Administration.  Studied for four years and obtained the IHSM Diploma and became Deputy Hospital Secretary there.  As it was mainly geriatric care she then took an OU Certificate in Care of the Elderly.  Latterly she was appointed as Hospital Manager but took early retirement in 1992.  She thinks she was lucky to have left then as care of the elderly now seems to be out of fashion!


SHIRLEY INGRAM nee COLLINS (46-53). Shirley has been a longstanding member of the TOGA COMMITTEE for so long we can’t remember when she wasn’t!  Shirley and husband Colin, are always on the go, working tirelessly with The League Friends of Teignmouth Hospital.  This year the hospital celebrated 50 years since the rebuild following the war.  The Earl and Countess of Wessex came on a Royal visit.  Colin and Shirley  both sing with King Chorale and travel to visit relatives.  They have been to Chicago , St Louis , Kansas City, Auckland , Sydney , Brisbane , Auckland , to name but a few places.


John BALLANTYNE (1944-51) Red Roofs, Symn Lane , Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire , GL12 7BG .   Added to Friends Reunited by his son-in-law (married to his younger  daughter) and was promptly contacted by the Editor who wanted to know if he was the “big tall John Ballantyne” (and yes he was!)  He vaguely remembers Mary despite her being in the First Form while he was in the Sixth, and the names she mentioned certainly brought back many happy memories.  He passes on his very best wishes to anyone who can (and still wants to) remember him.  He well remembers Katherine McLEES (now FORCE) 48-53, and her elder sister Alison CONTE nee McLEES (48-50).  He was holidaying in Devon several years ago and called to see Mr Roly Davies who showed him some paperwork so he could catch up with Alison.  He is still in the stone age when it comes to IT but is quite happy to correspond with anybody who wishes to do it “the old fashioned way”.  He found the TOGA news fascinating reading and some of the names just ‘jumped out of the paper’ at him.  He has always been fascinated by nicknames – and although understanding ‘Barney’ Paton and ‘Squibs’ Silverston, could never understand ‘Rat’ Wheeler.    Colin Graham’s comments interested him – they were good friends but on opposite sides of the political divide.  He certainly doesn’t remember them being rivals for Head Boy as he was quite happy being House Captain and Prefect!  He can’t believe its 50 years since he finished his National Service in the RAF, and often wonders how his life would have been different if he had been successful in getting a County grant to take up his place at UCSWE in October 1951 instead of doing National Service.  However National Service helped him get his first job with Havilland Propellers at Hatfield and that led to 35 years in the aerospace industry.  Now you can llink up with Peter Bow via you long distance email:  John is a bit of a technophobe as regards computers and email but we are working on him. He prefers a quill pen!  To email him, you have to go via his daughter,Jane Kinchington, on janeb.kinchington at  Jane is a Rev so be careful what you say to John about his schooldays.. Ed.


Pam WALL (nee STACEY) (42-47) came our way through Friends Reunited.  Her daughter, Julie, entered her Mum’s name and we have been in touch via email,  Pam and her brother Jim STACEY, lived at STARCROSS.  Their parents were Jim and Gielie Stacey who ran a Bed and Breakfast in Teign Street after they came to Teignmouth.  Pam remembers Joan BUTT, Heather TEED, Pat Markham in the sweet shop.  She remembers Mr & Mrs Markham.  Don’t we all from those days, remember Markham ’s tiny little sweet shop in Fore Street .  Pam lives at 1 Showering Road , Stockwood, Bristol , BS14 8DL.


Robin OSBORN (43-50) formerly ZOPPI:  Robin is Grand Master of  the Freemasons and came to fame again earlier this year when he presented a charity cheque for £58,000!!! to Judi Spiers on Radio Devon for The Chestnut Appeal, which is a local appeal supported by Radio Devon to provide a new £1 Million pound Prostate Cancer Centre of Excellence at Derriford Hospital , Plymouth .  This was a jawdropping sum that the Masons of Devon and Cornwall had raised for the charity.  I rang him soon afterwards to congratulate the Freemasons on their fundraising result.  As a charity fundraiser myself I know only too well how hard it is to raise money and a donation of that size is something most charities can only dream of having presented to them.  Robin, when are you coming to a reunion?  You are so busy our dates always clash with yours.  9 October 2004, 9 April 2005, put them in your diary please.  Robin sent for a TOGA DIRECTORY and said he had spent a happy hour scanning for familiar names.  He said, “How could anyone forget their contemporaries at such a happy school?”  Robin had visited George SPENCER who died this month aged 99,  as they had been friends through Lodge.


Alan and Geraldine LENNARD (nee HOOK) (45-50 & 46-51) have left Wiltshire and moved to France to live.  Unfortunately they forgot to give us their new address and will not be able to receive their TOGA NEWS.  Can anyone help and let me have their new address and/ or email.  I have tried writing and phoning their old address with no success.


Donald & Gill ROBERTSON (nee SAVIDGE (47-51)  Have spent a year in New Zealand as Resident Friends (Quakers) at Auckland Centre.  They have now returned to the UK and this is Chapter 2 of their adventures.  No sedate SAGA holidays  for these two!!  (Actually we have found SAGA holidays to be brilliant!)


Up-date on Robertson ventures! Donald and I  are back in  UK once again after an eventful year Down Under!  Sadly the refurbishment of The Friends Centre, one of the reasons for our return was not achieved...planning permits etc were as difficult to get as they can be here! However the World Conference of Quakers held in Auckland in January was a most special occasion. Rather reluctant to leave, we took our time on the way back including  spending Easter in  The South Island . We had a taste of Australia too, by exploring the Melbourne area with its MARVELLOUS public transport system. Even got to Brighton Beach via Balmoral!! Had three days in Singapore and met up with a college friend of mine who was keen to agree that " Singapore is a fine city! They fine you for everything"! We had a great time without any brushes with the law. Our last stop over was at Dubai where the temperature was 35 degrees and rising daily! Famous for its amazing shopping malls we spent more time enjoying the beach. One evening we went out to the desert and  enjoyed an exhilarating four wheel drive experience through the sand dunes to a Bedouin camp for a traditional meal and camel ride!! Down to earth with a bump...almost Gatwick at the end of April where Donald's brother Robin (ROBERTSON) and Audrey (nee BROOM) met us.


Now we are trying to put the house and garden in order since our tenants had to leave earlier than expected at the end of last year.  We hope to receive a copy of TOGA News soon so that we can mark our calendar for this year's re-union! We hope to see you then!  Greetings from us both Gil.l. PHEW!


Reg PEARCE (47-53)  Contact made through Friends Reunited.  Reg remembered these names, Henry COWELL (RIP), Ernie KINGDOM from Powderham and Dawlish, John ESSERY, Gerald APPS, Roger MILTON, Bacon (Known as Streaky)  possibly that could be John GAMMON?, Mullaney (scourge of Miss Simon (RIP), Diana GOOD, Audrey SHARLAND (RIP), Janice WATKINS, Anne GADDES.  He left school at 15 to join the Army and enjoyed a reasonably successful career, almost entirely employed in Building and Civil Engineering projects.  Retired in 1976 and moved to Bridgewater to take up a post in the Building Dept of Royal Ordnance Factory and remained there until early retirement in 2993. Met a Reg Brown when they were both working on a tree planting scheme for Royal Ordnance in early 90s but not sure if it’s the TGS Reg Brown.  Reg and his wife, Maureen remain at The Spinneys, Downend Road , Puriton, Bridgewater , Somerset , TA6 4TW , email: reginald_pearce at


Vic FERRIS (42-49): Email: vicnora at, with brother John (45-50) and sister Janet  TRAVELL (51-56) come to most of the reunions. I apologise for getting their ages all wrong last year!  Vic also wrote re “Beery “ Moore .



Roger CANN (1954-60)  contacted through Friends Reunited.  He was brought up in Starcross. He remembers walking up “THAT HILL”!  We all do, Roger.  It’s steeper now we are older. Served 28 years in the RAF, serving in the Far East, Singapore , Malaya, Hong Kong, Middle East , Bahrain and the Med, as well as 6 years in Germany .  Married Jean in 1966 after meeting on a blind date in Singapore .  They have two boys and one girl, and five and a half grandchildren!  After leaving the RAF in 1990 they settled in 18 Larch Way , Haxby, North Yorkshire, YO32 3TU, where Roger is now working as Head Porter at the University of York .   A la Porterhouse Blue!   He is now planning retirement and a journey to Australia and New Zealand in early 2007.  He remembers Carole MILLMAN (now HONEYWELL), Roger Burgess, Bill Balston, Sybil Perry and Antoinette Mazurek. Email: rjc10 at

Roger  - I have email contacts for Bill Balston and Carole Millman. Ed.


Maureen MILLMAN nee Honeywell (55-60)  carole.millman at  Maureen attended a Spring reunion and after initial apprehension, throughly enjoyed herself and was nearly the last to leave!


Bill BALSTON: bill.balston at 20 Spring Lane, Whittington, LICHFIELD , Staffs, WS14 9LX –01543 433007


Dennis DAVIES (1958-63)   Left TGS in 1963 for a junior post with Dawlish UDC but after 12 months left to take up a job with Carmarthen RDC in West Wales . He was fortunate that the council sponsored him to attend college at Leeds to gain a degree in building construction and then returned to the council and continued his career until taking early retirement from the post of Director of Technical Services.  Now runs his own design consultancy.  His father has passed away but his mother still lives in Dawlish and his brother Trevor DAVIES still lives in Holcombe.  At school he couldn’t claim to be one of the brightest in the class and his  main aim was to play for the school soccer 1st team which  he did manage.  Only finished the first term in the sixth form and obtained  football  colours but was  told that if he stayed on until retirement he would not make prefect status so he left.  His  brother Phillip DAVIES  later became head boy to keep the family’s  head high.  He then married Charlie Cresswell’s daughter, Sheila and he now runs a very successful solicitors’ practice in Bristol We would love to hear from Sheila and Philip. Ed


When he met his wife Kathy, he found not only a new love for Kathy but along came a love of horses.  They now have five hunters which are shown regularly at county show standard. They always show at Devon County Show and have had a lot of success there.  Finds it difficult to remember back to all the names in his class but close friends were Nigel Pook, Barry Balment, and Richard Avery.  Some of the girls names he can remember were Eileen Olver, Janet Tippens and the much younger but well liked Pepi Munro (Munslow).   Another close friend was Ian Rouse whom he believes passed away very soon after leaving school. He remembers fighting on the school field with Tim Norman who was older but smaller than him - he became a jockey and rode in (and won!) the Grand National   Can anyone tell us what happened to Peppi or Antoinette or any of the others as well?  Wendy Balment may be able to tell you about Barry.  kasdennis at


Leslie HOOPER (54-59) (Son of Joan and Len HOOPER 1920’s) Leslie lives round the corner from “DAK” Keith Whitlock in East Grinstead .  He retired as Head of Science at a local school five years ago.  The family are preparing for his daughter’s wedding.  Leslie made contact with Ian McKELLAR (54-59) who now lives in Sheffield .  Leslie was staying at Teign Crest Guest House in Shaldon and found that Ian had also stayed there, so they were able to get back in touch having been friends at TGS.  They were in the 2nd X1 Football teams together along with Mike SHIMELL.  Does anyone know where Mike SHIMELL is now?  Classmates were John HOLMAN, Penny PHILPOTT and Val HARVEY among others.


Dr Brian Cooper: Email:  neem at   Keith DALE asked me if we could track down Brian Cooper whom he thought to be in St Lucia .  I was able to find him in Antigua and emailed him. He was very  glad to hear that TOGA is very much alive and well.   He has lived away from the UK since 1963 so has not had much opportunity to keep in touch.  Since his mother died in 1983, connections with Teignmouth have been even less, but he has a brother living near Honiton whom he visits when in the UK , and usually try to at least pass through Teignmouth if he is driving anywhere near.  Only friend from TGS with whom he has stayed in close contact is Alan Foster who lives in Winchester .  Alan entered the 3rd form around 1953.  He lived on Higher Brimley Road near to Roger Kingdon, if he remembers correctly.   Looking forward to getting in contact with Keith Dale whom he has not seen  for forty years, but did exchange letters until a few  years ago when they lost contact.  Would like his best wishes and contact information passed on to him:  Brian Cooper, P.O.Box 2654 , St. John's , Antigua, West Indies . Antigua  is an even smaller island about 200 miles north of St. Lucia.  They are both part of the English speaking Caribbean islands in the Caribbean community.  Would be delighted to receive a copy of the TOGA magazine and will see about writing a brief update on what he is doing in this part of the world, which has been home for the better part of thirty years. Phone (268) 463-1096.

Frances TURNER (née JESSOP) (1953-55) 20 Heath Road , Haslemere , GU27 3QN is a writer and has met up with Judith SPELMAN (nee THEOBALD)(47-53) , another journalist.


Nanette BARTHOLOMEW (née RICHARDS) (1959-64)  New address:  7 Pale Gate Close, Honiton , EX14 1QR .


Barbara MUGFORD (née STONE) (1950-55) New Address:  22 The Oaks, Bovey Tracey , TQ13 9QX . 01626 835842


Keith PHILLIPS “Rufus”  (1951-56) Orchard House, Old Shaw Lane , Shaw, Swindon , SN5 5PH .  01793 771706

Enjoyed reading 2003 News – and noticed there was no mention of Derek Cole (ex Maths/Physics teacher) who left TGS to teach at the Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth and was at some time Captain of the Devon County Cricket team.  Also of Ken Burford who was exceedingly tolerant of his efforts in the woodwork shop.  When visiting Teignmouth Keith and his wife stay at the Bay Hotel, once the home of Mr Silverston (Keith was at the end of the Silverston era!)  We have found Ken Burford at last, Rufus, and I did mention Derek Cole in 2002 and 2001.  He is well and living in Dartmouth , address in TOGA Directory.  He is always pleased to hear from old students.  Ed.


Janet WILSON (née LAIDMAN) (1950-58) – re the photo of the men’s staff in NEWS 2003.  In the early part of the summer term 1958 the girls’ hockey team challenged the men’s staff to a match!  The two you are unable to name are – at the back Cyril Channon (Physics/Chemistry) and at the front a student teacher from St Luke’s.  Janet still has a copy of the photo, plus the matching one of the girls’ team – Cynthia Page, Jennifer Sankey, Betty Smith, herself, Miss Preedy, Evelyn Page, Carol Godsall, Anne Foster, Erica Whitlock, Penny Philpott and Gina D’Arch Smith. and Sheila MILTON (goalie?)  She has to admit that the Men Staff Team won 1-0!


Janet GRANT (née PHILPOTT) 4 Grove Terrace, Teignmouth , TQ14 9HT .  May be joining TOGA.  I have had a request to know where Penny Phillpott is please.  Same address as Margie Foster?  Can you help. Ed.


Linda BENSLEY nee LAIDMAN (54-61) still at 354 Burton Road , Lincoln , LN1 2UP .


PAGE girls:  Does anyone know the whereabouts of (No! not PAGE 3)  Evelyn, Cynthia and Alimay Page?


Marie JEFFERY (née CLARKE) 54- ??– 3 Vallence Cottages, Chudleigh Knighton, Newton Abbot , TQ13 0ES .  Asked for a NEWS, as she wanted to join TOGA last year , but I haven’t heard from her.  Did I have right address?

Cyril and Pat GOUGH (nee CHAPPLE) (51-58)  after a year long stay back in Dawlish from their home in Australia , Pat and Cyril hope to return to their family in August.  Their address down under will be:  50 Outlook Crescent , Bardon, Brisbane , Queensland 4065, AUSTRALIA , tel: (00) 617 33694746:  email not yet known.  It will probably in the TOGA DIRECTORY update in October.


Marion RICH (51-58) sent us some copies of School Prizegiving lists 29 November 1956.  Some names to conjure with on that list for those of you who left that year.  State Scholarships for Tony BRYANT, John MORRIS, Veronica CLARKE (in spite of having contracted Polio while in her 4th year in 1951 she came back after being in an Iron Lung for months, wearing calipers on her legs and continued to finish her education – where is she now?), If there is room we will try and reduce at least one of those sheets for you.Ed


Rosemary KITCHING nee CRESSWELL (58-65) lives at 17 Back Lebanon, Cupar, Fife , Scotland , KY15 4JW. Tel: 01334 654808.   kitching1947 at


Maureen (Mo) HUTCHINGS (1964-71) mohutchings at After nearly 32 years with Devon County Council, took early retirement at the end of April and is busier than she’s ever been – in fact far too busy to type the First draft of this lot up, Mary!  Mo offers some names for the photo from TOGA NEWS 2003, Hostel Girls 1970, on page 18.  Chris Watkins nee Pearson sitting next to Mrs Kaminski,   Michelle Roden sitting next to Miss Westcott and Maggie Dunn sitting next to her!


Phil BEER (64-70) Professional Folk Musician, (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocal), just back from Cambridge Folk Festival.  Show of Hands, Phil’s duo with Steve Knightley, continues with increasing popularity.  Phil’s smiling bearded face regularly appears on the pages of the Express & Echo.  The boys have been together for 12 years, appearing locally and abroad.  Last year saw them appearing at The Eden Project  in “Zest of the West”, a Westcountry Folk Festival, with Ralph McTell.  Their music is rooted in Devon , focussed on the traditional musical roots of the region.  Phil was born in Exminster,  and is now living on Dartmoor .  I send him the news, hoping to hear from him, but his life is too hectic.  If you have never heard them, try one of their CDs, Phil is the most fantastic fiddle player, Steve the main singer, but they play a variety of instruments and they are a delight to watch and to hear.  The new album for 2003 is called “Country Life”.  The website worth having a look at.  Recently declared Best Group and Live Act in Britain in the Radio 2 Fold Awards.  How many of you remember Phil starting his musical career playing at school and later with Mike Oldfield and Tubular Bells?


Judith LORD nee BEER (1966-73)  Lives in Lewisham with her partner who is a professional Social Worker with Lewisham Social Services.  Judith is a college lecturer at Tower Hamlets College of FE.


Helen BEER (71-78)  Helen is married with three children and living in Preston .  She is a teacher working in a Child Asessment Unit.  Married to Mike Lord,  a teacher.


Angela TRUMAN nee BOWLES (65-72) Married with two children, living locally and about to take up a post with the School for the Partially Sighted in Exeter .


Diane BIRKS (nee BOWLES) (70-77) Married with three children, including twin girls.  Worked as a Professional Social Worker. Where?


Gina PLOSZAJSKI-MAYHEW (nee PLOSJASKI)  Married with two children and teaches Choreography in schools.  Where?


Bobbie MacDONALD nee GUSH (69-71)  Married with two children and teaches History to GCE Level. Where?


Rodney GUSH (67-74)  Married with two children and works as a Technical and Scientific representative  for Laser Specialist firm, Moore Instruments. 


(All the above news came  courtesy of Mr Ken Beer – thank you Ken.  I would really love to have more news  from all the above 8 names . Ed.)


Charles THOMPSON (1969-72) Teaching EFAL at Bath College – son Benjamin.  Charles is a poet; he arranges poets’ evening in Bristol once a month.


Claire THOMPSON – Living at Cheriton Fitzpaine


Jeanne HAWKINS (nee De Wymmer) Hostel Girl 60-65)  Jeanne was nursing in Exeter, but an unfortunate respiratory virus has abruptly ended her nursing career, forcing Jeanne and her family to move out of the city away from traffic pollution, to the delights of a more rural area.  Her new address is 10 Culm Valley Way , Uffculme, Cullompton , EX15 3XZ .  01884 841454.   hawkins_jeanne at Jeanne would love to hear from Veronica DELL, Jeanette ELLIOTT, Jill HAWKINS who were all Hostel girls with her.  Can anyone help?


Liz BUCKLE – 3 Stocksfield Hall Farm Cottages, Stocks Field, Northumberland , NE43 7TN .


Linda SULLIVAN (née RICE) (1960-67) – Maison Sullivan, Alle Des Lauriers, Route De Carrieres , 29690 , Huelgoat , France .  Has been living in France since Autumn of 2003 – up to her ears in paint and polyfilla!  If anyone is interested in buying property in Brittany she has a friend who can help. 

Eileen Gillon (née Causely) has just bought a house near Cahors.  Little did they know when Miss Simon was trying to drum some French into them that they would have great need of it later in life!  Linda wishes she could thank her for starting her interest in the language.  Husband Mike was a manager for BT and was lucky enough to retire at 50.  Linda worked in London and Surrey before returning to Teignmouth and working at Abbotskerswell Primary School .  She retired after they married in 2000 and did some supply work until they left Teignmouth in 2003.  Her two sons went to the High School and now live in London .  Marcus did a Maths degree and now works in computing, and Leo did a film and media studies degree and works in a post production house in Soho where they edit films and make many of the adverts seen on TV.  Their latest commission was some music for a David Beckham football DVD which is coming out at Christmas.  She sends her love to Pauline Seaton.  She also says please give her a ring  if anyone fancies a “booze cruise” trip they are one hour from Roscoff!!  Email: msully at


Lesley SALTER (née BARDELL) (1961-68) living in  Ashby-de-la Zouch.  Best friend was Denise Boulton and remembers Trefor Thynne, Keith Hallet, Michael Kingston (RIP), Stephanie Dunn, Carolyn Fishwick, Eileen Axford, and Jane THOMPSON, nee Ripley,  and S Bray who she met a couple of years ago at a reunion.  Visited Teignmouth in April with her sister Jane to meet up with cousins Geoff  and Christine Bladon.  Lesley has been married for 32 years to a Yorkshire man she met at university and has two daughters, Helen and Carolyn.  Lesley is doing Social work, and will be moving back to Teignmouth during the summer and looking for a job with Social Services.  She continues to work to support her daughters’ education!!  Lesley hopes to come to a future reunions. Email: tim_salter at


Chris MILLER (1966-67) and  Therese MILLER (née PORTE) (1960-67) The Cedars, 20 Ashman’s Road, Beccles, Suffolk , NR34 9NS .  On leaving TGS Therese initially moved to London and worked for an import/export company.  After a year she joined the Saudi Arabian Airlines and moved to Beirut .  With the beginning of the Lebanese civil war she moved back to the UK and work with British Midland.  Married Chris in July 1971 (who had by then joined the Royal Navy after three years at Lancaster University ).  Have moved around a lot during the last 32 years – Scotland , Cheshire , Suffolk and London , as well as Hong Kong, The Netherlands, and Nigeria . 


After their marriage Therese worked for an airline based in Portsmouth and later became a school bursar first in Horsham and then in Southwold.  She also worked for the British High Commission in Port Harcourt , Nigeria .  She gained a BA (Hons) from the Open University in 1998.


Chris moved from the Navy in 1977 and joined Shell.  After a period working offshore in the North Sea he specialised in the procurement of goods and services working in various locations in the UK before moving overseas.  For the last five years he was Director of Procurement for the Shell Group based in London .  Therese and Chris have now retired.  Therese and Chris have two children, Nick and Catherine.


Annie LOVEDAY (née FORSEY) (1965-71) 2 Westbrook Gardens , Keatings Lane , Teignmouth , TQ14 9EJ .  01626 779500.  Her best friend is still Louise Henshall, (now Lois BARTLETT) .  Remembers Carol Jones, Dionne Breed and Andrew Wagon.  Annie came to the Spring reunion with Glyn WILLIAMS (66-72) and Sue LEAT nee HUNT (66-71).  It is always especially good to meet old students from the 1960’s and we hope to see you again. 


Viv STRATTON (formerly Balfe) (1962-69) – has reverted to her maiden name and is now living at 4 Wharfedale Place, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 0AY.


Hilary JONES (62-69)  Married 2 years ago and we no longer have an address for her.  CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE?


Sue LEAT (née HUNT) (1964-68) – 16 Summer Lane, Whipton, Exeter , EX4 8BY .  Sue came to the Spring TOGA Lunch with Annie LOVEDAY nee FORSEY and Glyn WILLIAMS


Glynn WILLIAMS (1961-66) – 45 Willow Walk, Crediton. Email:  glynwilliams at   (Glyn and I worked together at St Loyes College, Exeter and all that time neither of us knew we were both Old Grammarians!  I was astonished to see him at the TOGA lunch in April 2004. Ed.) Well what did I do after leaving TGS.

First some of the old boys and girls I can remember but have lost contact with from my year.


Dave Powell from Exminster he went to work for Dixons but I lost all contact with.

Dave Taylor from Starcross gone but not forgotten

Mike Parker and John Heslop from Shaldon both good friends but no contact

Pat Ware, dad had a sweet shop in Northumberland place

Christine Knight and Steve Densley.


These are the ones that spring to mind but going into the Army left me isolated so to speak.  I went to the Army College of Engineering at Reading in 66 and graduated in 70 as an electronic engineer.  I served all over the world including UK , Germany Hong Kong Canada and the middle east.  I did my bit as they say and have a couple of attendance medals for campaigns but nothing special. I married Maria in 73 and we have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. My mother and father are still living in Kenton and are both well, they enjoy several holidays each year and are still my mentors.   I have worked in a number of jobs after leaving the army, at St Loyes,  and in the Middle East ( Kuwait ) as a technical advisor in the oil industry. I am currently working for Vosper Thornycroft as an instructional officer and assessor for the Army electronic technicians, helping them achieve their advanced apprenticeship status in electronic engineering.  I work with the army in the north east of the UK and travel extensively to cover the work loadCan anyone tell Glyn where his old friends are now?Ed


Alan FORD (1968-75) – new address, 75 Beverley Gardens , Ashburton , TQ13 7BN .  Alan and his family moved back to Devon from Berkshire and live next door to South Dartmoor Community College which is convenient for their son Anthony who can no longer be late for school.


Rosemary MORTIMORE (née LANG) (1968-73) – farming at Lizwell Farm, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Newton Abbot.  Sorry I referred to you as Elizabeth (someone gave me that name!) Ed.


Christine BURTON (nee Pell) 60-67 – is a TOGA Committee member and she has sent some photos from  60-67. 

There are some wonderful Guide Camp ones, but we may not  have room for them all.  I will do my best. Ed.


Pam JONES (nee PELL (59-66) lives at 3 Buckingham Close, Alton , Hants , GU34 1QZ .   Congratulations Pam, who was the  Mayor of Alton at the time of receipt of the photo.  See magazine photo gallery.


Julia SUTHERLAND nee DODDS (68-74) is Examinations Officer at Teignmouth Community College .  A hectic time for you at present then, Julia.


We have had several Old Grammarians who have become councillors and Mayors of their town that we know about,  John Holman, (54-59)  Exeter ,  the late Alan Norsworthy, Teignmouth,  David Evans (57-64) Chester . 


Bart Kelly (1971-77)  Bart at   Married in November 2003 and returned from a honeymoon in New Zealand just before Christmas.  Now running a donkey park at Highford Farm, Higher Clovelly, Bideford , EX39 5TQ .  Whilst there they stayed  with Bob HUSSEY.  What is he doing out there?  Has a web site up and running, created by wife Sue, (Who is a graduate computer programmer looking for work, if anyone needs some assistance!). She has designed the following websites, Meet the Donkeys at  is a lovely website  and  another of her websites at:


BOB HUSSEY As well as Bart ,my other friends from TGS include John Tolman and Victor Darnell, both of whom I am in touch with and visited March this year.   Briefly, after leaving TGS I did a BSC(Hons)(Agriculture) at London University, then after a year travelling New Zealand and Australia eventually found myself teaching at Bicton College of Agriculture in East Devon where I became a Senior Lecturer. In 1994/5 I did a job exchange to New Zealand which eventually turned into full time position as Programmes  Leader for Agriculture at the Waikato Polytechnic in Hamilton . The last two years I have been trading the UK stock market via the internet- the consequence of a long term hobby. My wife Faye is a Physiotherapist and my boys, James and Benjamin, are at secondary school:  Email: Hartland at


Jim HINCHLIFFE (1972-77) 10 Huxnor Road , Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot.


Mark HARRIS (1974-79) – new address Primrose Cottage, Beech Road , Yorkley, Glos , GL15 4TJ .  Mark is a son of Shelagh HARRIS nee WILSON (48-55)   and Bob HARRIS, brother of the late Rosemary HARRIS 47-53).


Roger (1973-1976) and Mandy (1970-76) WELCH (née FAUCHON) – Glenlea, Liddington New Road , Guildford, Surrey , GU3 3AH .  welchfam at   Roger is a Commercial Manager with M J Gleeson Group PLC, and Mandy is in her final year of training for the priesthood.  We have two sons, Andrew in his Final year at school and looking for Universities and William who has just started his GCSE’s.


Dave FRANCIS (72-79) married to Liz  nee AYRES (l972-79). Two children Matthew who has just finished his GCSE's and awaiting for results hopes to go to Exeter College for a Public Services two year course took part in Ten Tors this year completing 45 mile route.  Victoria aged 11 who will be joining Torquay Girls Grammar in September and will be in Maggie Helmore’s class.  Maggie has not taught year 7's since she taught Liz at TGS in l972 !! Taking after her mother, Victoria loves her sport playing football last season with Devon Girls Development Squad.  Liz is also a member of TOGA Committee.  Please give my love to Mrs Force, Liz.


Dave works in Exeter as an Architectural Technologist.  Outside of his of work Dave is a keen canoeist and runs the local canoe clubs web site.  Liz works with Children in Crisis and is a Registered House Manager. Liz is a member of River Teign Rowing Club.  This club is subscribed by locals and there are lots of Old Grammarians who take part. Liz is known for her love of  dogs and is regularly seen walking with her own black labrador and usually a couple of extras!!


Sarah Medwin (l972-79) rows stroke in Liz’s crew and lives in Shaldon with her 3 sons.  Sarah has just become engaged.


Mark FRANCIS (1974 –80) Married with two boys living in Trowbridge trained as a psychiatric nurse and now works for the National Health Service as an Information Co-ordinator.


Julie CURTIS nee Atkinson l972-79 now lives in Shaldon with her husband and daughter who has also passed her 11 plus and will be attending Torquay  Girls Grammar with Victoria Francis.


Lisa SYDENHAM (late 70's) lives in Shaldon with husband and two children her daughter Elli has also passed 11 plus and will be in Maggie Helmore’s class in September.  Lisa works for the Fire brigade.


Sue ARMITAGE  (l972-79) lives in Teignmouth and has 3 daughters two attending TGGS and the third still at primary.  Sue breeds rabbits and works from home.


Sarah DAVIES nee BUTT (l972-79) - Lives in Dawlish with her two teenage boys and teaches at Dawlish Community College . Sarah is also a member of the River Teign Rowing Club.


Sue CORLETT -1972-75 -  Married with one boy and one girl and lives in Seville in Spain .  Sue runs the English language  Department at Seville college and her husband is the Head of Seville Airport.  Sue’s Mum has just moved back to Bishopsteignton and Liz , Sue and Tich Butt  keep in touch and usually meet up once a year along with


Neil BRAITHWAITE(72-79)  Neil is a solicitor and works in London .


Pete WARREN 1971-75)  Lives and works out of Australia as an Air Steward. Pete has recently remarried and Liz saw him along with his brother Bim on a recent visit home.


Dave MORRIS- l972-79 - is working with Mark Morgan Richards l971-78 , selling Surfing designer label wear.


Bill AYRES 1978-83 - World Wide Traveller occasionally appearing in Teignmouth.


Gary ABRAHAMS - Lives in Teignmouth with his wife and boys and runs the Broadmeadow Football Club Youth Teams.